Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Sinai Liberation Day 2012

Today we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Israeli occupation from Sinai , just days after the decision of EGAS to cut off the gas supply to EMG and thus to Israel. Some say that this was the unique celebration for the day.
It is unique anniversary despite it was some how quiet today and I am not speaking about quiet streets of Cairo but rather in Sinai still the Youth of North Sinai movement had a stand across in front of the North Sinai Governorate where tens of locals carried banners against the marginalization of Sinai and the neglect of the government to the peninsula.
Youth of North Sinai movement
Youth of North Sinai movement

Mourning Sinai : 31 years A government that
do not care "Sinai Youth Movement"
Who wants to liberate it , should re-build it
"Sinai Youth Movement" 
Another group of Youth tried to march to The Dayan Memorial Stone in Sheikh Zowaid in order to paint with the Egyptian flag colors but the army and security forces blocked the way still in order to absorb the people's anger the officers put the Egyptian flag on the ugly rock. I hate it because this memorial not only is a reminder with the occupation years but also because it was set up over a cemetery of Egyptian POWs according to the locals who were killed by the IDF.
I do not like how they named the stand “Mourning Sinai : Why are you celebrating ?!” , it is too harsh.
As we are approaching to the presidential elections thus it is not a surprise then to find that the presidential candidates heading to Sinai. Mohamed Morsi, the MB potential presidential candidate has visited today the city of Al Arish in  North Sinai where he had a meeting with the people there as the tribes. Tomorrow he will head to Sharm El Sheikh in South Sinai to meet with tourism developers in the area in order to calm them from the MB’s rule once again then he will meet with the tribes later.
Mohamed Morsi speaking in Al Arish "FJP" 
Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi also visited North Sinai today.
Hamdeen Sabhi in Al Arish "Sabahi's campaign"
The tribal vote is a golden catch in the area. Of course the first one to know the importance of the tribal vote in Sinai was Amr Moussa who visited the peninsula several times in 2011 and in 2012. Moussa was the first to remember the anniversary on his official twitter account.

Celebrating Sinai will be achieved by urban development and the return of Sinai's children to the heart of the national
Nevertheless his strong rival Abu El Fotoh called personally a young journalist from Sinai today in the anniversary .   

We got a telephone call from Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh who congratulated us with the Sinai liberation day stressing the role of Sinai and its people in protecting the Egyptian Eastern borders.
It is worth to mention that almost all the presidential candidates got the same agenda when it comes to the urban development of Sinai , it is simply the same plans the government promised to implement all those decades. Now one of these men will be the president insh Allah and what we will see what he will do.
Of course the twitter Egyptian top elites including some of the famous icons from human rights activists celebrated abroad have acted as if the anniversary of the six days war defeat as they consider that Sinai is not free with less sovereignty yet and we should not dare to celebrate or remember the anniversary of April 25th except when we cancel Camp David accords and restore Um El Rashrash. Of course that group of tweeps hate everything related to the army and former Egyptian regimes. Nevertheless in real world , they are considered small percentage from Egyptians.
I believe the sovereignty is determined by the will of the people before the government. Yes we got a lot of issues in Sinai that needed to be resolved but we will not let this to be a barrier between celebrating how Sinai was returned back to Egypt after bitter years of occupation regardless what.
By the way I love these tales of unknown heroes the Egyptian Navy FB page is sharing in Arabic with Egyptians , the Egyptian Navy FB page is from the unofficial pages following the army.

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