Thursday, May 3, 2012

And Hussein Salem speaks at last

And for the first time since very many years Hussein Salem speaks to the Egyptian media on TV , the man who is labeled the Best best friend of Hosni Mubarak , in fact he is the only friend we knew from Mubarak’s close Friend.

Salem decided to have his first and last TV interview to none other than Amr Adeeb. The interview was recorded I think from two weeks ago in Spain.

Already Adeeb was the only TV host who spoke with Salem before his great escape from Egypt or even after his great escape from Egypt. I believe choosing Adeeb was a good choice because honestly no other TV host in Egypt could tolerate the wickedness of Salem. It was like a memories conversation between a streetwise guy and an old merchant in a local café for God sake !!

Amr Adeeb interviews Hussein Salem

In nutshell here is what he said :

  • He is innocent from all charges he is accused of whether in Egypt or Spain.
  • He is ready to give the great people of Egypt financial aid. “in other words he is ready for reconciliation”
  • He does not want to die in jail.
  • He was not a close friend to Mubarak
  • He opposed Gamal Mubarak’s succession plan
  • He did not like Suzanne Mubarak who forced her hubby to escape to Sharm !!
  • Gamal Mubarak did not like him
  • He admires Khairat El Shater so much and he thinks he was a victim just like him !!
  • He is less richer than Sawirises and Mansours and he does not like them !!
  • Bob Woodward , the author of Veil is a big fat liar. “Check the White wings co.”
  • EMG was initially going to export gas to Turkey and not Israel
  • He was not going to export gas to Israel but Mubarak told him “Hussein export the gas to Israel !!”
  • Mubarak had a devilish plan for the sake of Egypt’s national security from that decision to export gas to Israel “He would make Israel depend 100% on Egyptian gas thus they will not go to war against us !!”

You must know that all the interviews and memories of Hussein Salem published in our press specifically in Rosa Al Youssef in the past year were all fake.

The final verdict in Hussein Salem’s bribe to Mubarak and sons will be announced supposedly on June 3rd , 2012


  1. I believe this man is telling the truth!

  2. To the writer of this blog: Please make sure to use the correct way in writing,and do not translate directly from Arabic..(For example) You should write: such a thing happenned TWO weeks ago not FROM two weeks etc..Thank u

    1. Yes, indeed, lousy grammar!


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