Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jews of Egypt : A forgotten History

Here is an interesting trailer for an interesting documentary discussing an interesting topic in Egypt : The exodus of Egyptian Jews in the 20th century.
Jews of Egypt
It is the first time to know that an Egyptian Jew had informed Nasser with the Plan of the 1956 trio-invasion against Egypt in advance. I am speechless about that. “As usual Nasser did nothing , just like in 1967”
The big surprise is that that Egyptian Jew was famous leftist anti Zionist activist Henri Curiel who founded the famous HAMETU communist movement that was arrested several times for their activities against the King.
As expected the documentary is being covered in English more than in Arabic , I know we got overwhelming issues but this documentary needs to be highlighted in Egyptian media.
Jews of Egypt is directed by Amir Ramsis and produced by Haitham El-Khamissi
The Egyptian Jews who are living in Egypt are expected about 100 , mostly old Egyptians.
Adly Synagogue downtown Cairo
Adly Synagogue in Egypt 


  1. Roughly half of Israel's jewish population is composed of jewish people who immigrated from Morocco, Iraq, Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt and Yemen.

  2. @Z
    Thank you for posting this story it is informative and revealing.
    Egyptians should know the difference between Jews and Zionists and by the same token Jews should know the difference between Arab people and Terrorists. Peace will prevail When this is accomplished.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I'll spread the word to everyone I know. By the way did you know that an Egyptian Jew named Ya'qub Sanua coined the famous phrase, "Egypt for the Egyptians"? There's a really good book on this subject, in English, by Joel Beinin, called The Dispersion of Egyptian Jewry, which also explores the role of Israel in this process.


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