Saturday, May 5, 2012

regarding The Egyptian Delegation To the Kingdom

At the same time we were watching on TV the clashes between the military police and the protesters at MOD sit in , many Egyptians were shocked from what they were seeing on Al Arabiya TV channel on air from the Saudi Royal palace in Riyadh from humiliation to their Egyptian dignity.  
A public diplomacy headed by the Speaker of the People Saad El Katatanini and MPs from different parties including Freedom and Justice Party and Al Nour Party as well the leaders of Al Wafd Party “Sayed Badawy” and Ghad El Thawar Party “Ayman Nour”. There were representatives from religious institutions in Egypt like Al Azhar and the Orthodox church of Alexandria along with Salafist Sheikh like Sheikh Mohamed Hassan. There were also actors in the delegation that was received warmly by Saudi.
The delegation went to apologize for the insults the Kingdom and the King endured during El Gizawy’s case and for the insulting graffiti written on the walls of the embassy from couple of weeks ago as well to demand the return of the Saudi ambassador. Everything would be fine if it were not for the humiliating begging way the delegation acted.
People including myself are extremely angry from Sheikh Mohamed Hassan was kissing the King’s ass in a humiliating way, in a very disgusting. “I can’t find the complete video” It is like getting back to the days of Mubarak when he used to beg the Gulf countries for money when we have unused sources.
After this visit we found out that Saudi Arabia is going to help Egypt with $500 million aid package and the Saudi ambassador would return back. “He did return back”
Now people are attacking that delegation on social media networks insisting that this delegation does not represent them.
This delegation does not represent photo
Egyptians are also sharing these photos showing the absence of the Egyptian flag in the meeting between the Saudi officials as a sign of humiliation. Well I noticed that the Egyptian flag was absent in the meeting of the delegation with King Abdullah but it was there in the meeting of PA speaker El Katanani and Saudi FM Pince Saud El Faisal.
The delegation meeting with the King in Riyadh
It is worth to mention that the Egyptian flag’s presence turned in to a confrontation between the FJP members and supporters and those who can’t stomach the brotherhood in general.
This photo is causing a lot of controversy among FJP and
its opponents in particular 
I do not care about flag as much as I care about the begging actions of Hassan. “Actually I am not surprised that he is doing this , he also is a big hypocrite using religion”
Strangely our media included names of MPs that did not travel to Saudi Arabia including MP Mahmoud El Sakka as well other prominent figures in the society like Poet Farouk Gowida
I do not know why already this public diplomacy had to travel in this way and literally kiss the the feet of the Saudi King in their own way. I care for the Egyptian Saudi but amending the relations after some offensive graffiti on the embassy’s walls by tens of protesters in this humiliating way is so wrong especially for Post Revolution Egypt.
The relations between Egypt and the Gulf , not only Saudi Arabia are facing huge problem , it is not only about the Egyptian detainees. The Gulf countries simply are scared from two major things : Exporting the Revolution to the Gulf and the Egyptian Iranian Relations
Yes some Egyptian activists are speaking about exporting the Egyptian revolution to the neighbor countries but I do not think that they will be able to do it as long as the majority of the people do not want it. This is the key of all Arab revolutions that got no ideologies or leaders except basic universal human rights of living freely in democratic country as equal citizens with dignity who do not suffer from poverty and corruption.
You must know already the Egyptians especially travelling for work to the GCC are facing terrible to issue visas from the embassies in Egypt despite the official denials from countries like UAE and KSA. I got my own relatives faced huge difficulties to get the Visas for both countries because simply they are young Egyptians that bring the revolution ideas and spread in both countries.
The media in Gulf has demonized the Egyptian people and how they stood against their father “Mubarak” to the level that Egyptians “Including my friends and relatives” who visited the Holy Land for pilgrimage reported very rude attitudes from the Saudis because of the Mubarak.
The return of the Egyptian-Iranian relations is like a scary scenario for the Arab Gulf countries that should not happen despite personally I think Egypt should have open channels with every country in the region including Iran. It does not make sense that we have relations with Israel and do not have relations with Iran. I think it is the best for the Arab Gulf countries that Egypt has open channels with Iran in order to help less the tensions between Iran and them using the legendary diplomatic power of Egypt.
The Egyptian Youth already believe that the Kingdom got rid from Nabil El Araby as FM and supported his sudden candidacy as a secretary of the League Arab state because he wanted Egypt to restore relations with Iran. “During his time the first public diplomacy delegation went to Iran after the revolution was during his era”
Some say that the Gulf states are angry that Egyptian activists support the Bahraini uprising which they consider an Iranian attempt to invade Gulf , well Egyptian activists also support the Syrian revolution in the same way.
Back to the public diplomacy delegation to Saudi Arabia , strangely this delegation did not achieve anything when it comes to the Egyptian detainees on the contrary we got a statement from Saad El Katanani that he trusts the “Saudi Fair Judiciary” despite the fact there are many detainees according to human rights organizations in Egypt who did not stand in front of one judge for years. Even if they are accused in terrorism related charges , they need to stand in front of a judge and have the opportunity to defend themselves , this is a basic human rights.


  1. Dear Zenobia: Legendary diplomatic power stems from economic might. Please see where in the rank of nations is Egypt, I think in the last few. On the other hand, United Arab emirates ranks in the 30's, right there with advanced nations. Israel is at 28. Power is directly related to economic strength. Kuwait defeated Iraq that had the seven largest Army in the world because Kuwait and KSA had the economic might to convince and hire the world to fight for them. No economy no value. A beggar is a beggar until he can afford his own food and will stand among men as a beggar, never mind how terrific were his ancestors or how much the world depended on them

  2. Sudanese Optimist5/06/2012 02:00:00 PM

    Dear Zeinobia,

    All the earnest feelings you presented so well in this post are shared, identically, by myself and many other Sudanese people with regards to official Egypt.

    Since you wrote such an honest post, you should be able to imagine the indignation that you feel for the illegal incarceration of an Egyptian doctor is multiplied infinitely in our case where our territory was illegally, unilaterally, forcibly occupied by the Mubarak regime.

    We have political detainees who are imprisoned without trial and we even have one who died of torture and the worst thing is when the Egyptian youth, who we hoped to open a new page with continues with the same attitude of dismissing our perspective and asking us to accept things as they are, which we will not.

    We feel the same indignation you feel when people like Al-Badawi visit Sudan and make exaggerated, sugar-coated claims that only add insult to injury.

    There is no difference between people, I hope your blind patriotism won't prevent you from seeing that.

    1. Save your breath and focus on changing our rotten regime in Khartoum, it's obvious they don't care, they will once democracy makes its triumphant return.

  3. Dear Miss Zeinobia
    I disagee with you for the following reasons: Firstly What's the personal interest the delegation get from this mission? Taking into consideration the great number of the Egyptian workers in the kingdom. Secondary, the delegation was recieved warmly.

    1. I did not deny dear Mr. Ahmed that the delegation was received warmly but I am speaking about a matter of dignity here
      considering the personal interest of the delegation well there are leaks that the Siyad Badawy scored a deal with a pharmaceutical company there.
      Now regarding the Egyptians there , well I doubt that Saudi Arabia will get rid from two million Egyptians so easily

  4. Egyptians (and Pakistani, Palestinians,etc) built the Kingdom. Their sweat and labor. If it was not for them & US appetite for gas Saudi Arabia would be a empty dustbowl.

    Saudi economic assistance is double-edged. It is a deeply flawed
    country. Its a long way from Tahrir to Riyadh much farther than the physical distance.

  5. They are all sitting at the devils table. Al Saud is what Quran warns us of. The unbeliever disguised as the believer. The hypocrite.

  6. The Saudis used to kiss King Fouad and Farouk's asses in the past and it took 60 years and three bad army men to bring Egypt to it's knees.
    Today the Muslim politicians will finish what little is left of Egypt and the Pharaohs are observing from the sky and slapping their cheeks in disappointment.


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