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RIP #Warda , the Rose of the Arab world

Warda in March 2012
Egypt and Algeria have lost tonight a true diva , Warda Al-Jazairia or just simply Warda “1940-2012” had passed away in her house in Cairo after suffering a cardiac arrest. The Algerian president will send a private jet to transfer her body to Algeria where she will be buried in the Great Algerians cemetery that include the tomb of Algerian president Houari Boumediene  there. Warda in Arabic means a rose in English
The French born half Algerian half Lebanese singer is part of Egyptian culture singing scene memory , a true legend when I remember her songs which new generations ignore. I feel so sad.
I loved her songs , her voice and her style , she was a true diva.
Now I know my words will make some Algerians angry but I consider her Egyptian as much as they consider her Algerian. I can’t forget how she sang for Egypt after 1973 war chanting “How beautiful my country is”, this love in her voice in Egypt was just incredible.
Warda : Helwa Beladi 1973
A rising star in the Arab world in late 1950s and 1960s , the golden years of Warda were in the 1970s especially after her marriage from famous music composer Baligah Hamdy as they presented some of the best romantic Arabic songs.
Warda and Baligah Hamdy in 1970s
Warda and Baligah Hamdy in 1970s
Artistically Warda knew how to keep her stardom till the 1990s presenting light songs using video clips surviving more than any 1960s singer.Her voice had still magic as in the past.
Warda : The days game “1963”
Warda was not only a singer but also an actress, she made 5 films and 2 TV series throughout her career. My generation remember “Almaz and Abdou El Hamoli” , “The victims of the revolution” and “The princess of the Arabs” when it comes to cinema. When it comes to TV her 1970s TV series “The days of roses” was extremely popular and her song in that series remained popular especially among children for years.
Warda : I have got a parrot
She starred in another TV series , I think from couple of years ago that was not successful still it was good to see her back. Here is a famous song from one of her 1970s films.
Warda : The story of my life
Politically Warda got her own share of trouble when she married for a while our war minister Abdel Hakim Amar for couple of years in early 1960s by force. Amar divorced her later to marry Berlanti and the rest is history known for everybody.
In time of Mubarak she became unwelcomed in Egypt for awhile because an incident during a concert in mid1990s that was organized by armed forces. I remember that concert very well because I had seen on air then later in the re-run after it was edited. In brief Warda told Mubarak “Come on and sing with us Mr. President”. To be honest both Mubarak and Warda did not look well on that night , I can’t forget that concert or how Warda made the young officers in the backseats dance on the beat of “Haramt Ahebak” while the supreme commander of armed forces was sitting in the front seat like a mourner.
Here is “Haramt Ahebak” or “I stop loving you” from a concert in France in mid 1990s.
Warda : Haramt Ahebak
And here is another song for lady Warda , the diva.
Warda : Batwanes Beek
Here is a photo gallery dedicated to Warda “Source : Warda Facebook Page

May Allah bless your soul dear Warda for joy you spread through the Arab world with your voice.


  1. French Paris Match is giving her a lovely write up with many of her greatest songs..

  2. Dear Zenobia:

    Thank you for this beautiful post about Warda. It brings back memories of the end of Egypt's Beautiful Epoque: Shadia, Abdel Halim, Um Kalthoum, Laila Mourad, and their contemporary creative artists. I wonder what today cultural atmosphere will bring and will leave for future generations. What do you think?

  3. EVERYBODY Listened and loved,The Late and Great female crooner WARDA or Rose,from>>as in Arabic we say MEENAL MOUHEET ILAAL KHALEE>ALGERIA!!with half Lebanese background involved?! The DEAREST singer with her Immortal MEMORY+VOICE..considered EGYPT s Legitimate DAUGHTER without any difference than how KAWKAB AL SHARQ The BRIGHT Star of Orient Late GIANT Mrs OUM KALTHOUM..from TAMAY EL ZAHAYRA>>a little Egyptian village came..from,and ADORED, as a person & as a voice!! ...Even though others too came to EGYPT FROM OTHER ARAB COUNTRIES and considered EGYPT S (OWN )SONS & DAUGHTERS & The PRIDE TOO, such as Angel/voiced ASMAHAN aka Late/Great Madam AMAL AL ATTRASH with Her mother & 2 Brothers FARID EL ATTRASH..the voice that made millions ,,weep and FOUAD AL ATTRASH.,from Jabal Al DRUZ in Syria in the early 1930s? also Madam FAYZA AHMAD with Her Syrian background too!...also from Lebanon SABAH/NOUR AL HOUDA/NAZEK/Lady crooners NAGAH or (NAJAH)SALAM/SOUAD MOHAMAD also other male/female stars ..shone in Egypt s SKY,and their fame beams hit the whole Arab world and dazzled IT, and their voices, still Echoes?!....Dear GOD,,even though they entertained us since 1940s to this moment & still they DO,even most of them sadly deceased/departed for some long time now?..and we consider ourselves FORTUNATE to be around in their era..or saw them LIVE..IN concerts in person or live on our T.V screens then!!,,how desperate is today s Arab world to their voices/songs/feelings and Presences,with all the mishaps/turmoil/demise that some of our Arab nations enduring since This ARAB SPRING vanity began in 2010?...and going on for 4 seasons of the years,since..since & relentlessly?!..voices such as all the mentioned above, plus Late/Great ABDEL HALIM HAFEZ(SHABANA)A legitimate Son/Sun too,of Egypt!!with their songs+excruciating feelings that expressed the dilemma, the agony,the sufferings>the globe<>As we find it hard to find ,or bring out the good in us ,be it FEELINGS and CONSCIENCE and and most of PATRIOTISM!! All the best wishes//Is.Barsoumian/London

  4. Thursday May 17 2012---Thursday May 17 2018
    SIX years already passed WITHOUT ANY NEW song-s from LADY WARDA al Gazaeriya?.....WELL...still any of HER songs SHE sang in the last 5 decades,SEEM ''NEW'' as if launched YESTERDAY?....only that's NOT ALL?! we also MISS HER stage Appearances/Excellent performances....THAT'S all WE miss,BUT MOST OF ALL WE MISS''THE LADY HERSELF/QUEEN OF THE ARAB STAGES''... Departed 72 years young...But left a TREASURE CHEST OF songs/movies/concerts....FROM A ROSE that will always stay..FRESH IN OUR MINDS/HEARTS..SOULS..and SCENT ,THAT IS MAGIC...GOD GIVES/GOD TAKES....SO SHE IN HER TURN GAVE ALL HER LOVE..TIME...DAYS to make us HAPPY!!and TOOK with HER ...OUR ADORATION for HER GOD given Voice/Talents & Person, SO as SHE was Generous in HER contributions ..LET US WHO LOVED HER be REMEMBERING HER TODAY...EVERYDAY..With Every song of HERS?? May SHE rest as SHE did for the last 6 years , Rest In Heavenly ..PEACE..And GOD BLESS HER ..SWEET MEMORY....WE REMEMBER YOU WARDA AL JAZAERIYAH..LOVE/ indeed I REMEMBER YOU..dear and PAY YOU MY HUMBLE TRIBUTE/RESPECTS...AS EVER!!....WAHASTEENA..WALLAHI WAHASHTEENA YA AHLA WARDA FI GNAYNET AL HOB..AL SAFI!!..Is-hak SAHAG Barsoumian/london Wed.16 May


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