Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What an interesting timing to publish these photos !!

Al Watan Newspaper published today a supplement its journalists believe to be the scoop of the year : The diaries of Mubarak in jail !!
Mubarak standing and his son Alaa
Mubarak standing and his son Alaa
The report shows exclusive photos of Mubarak standing in his trial as well his son Alaa speaking to someone smiling and Mubarak on bed whereas his son Gamal besides him in court. The report also includes info from unknown sources about what Mubarak used to do in the past year and half.
Of course if you want my opinion , I think it was better to publish the photos only because seriously no one buys these tales from unknown sources about what Mubarak did that or this or Mubarak said this or that which nobody buys anymore !!
Here are some examples :
  • Mubarak believes that all the presidential candidates fighting for the presidential posts are idiots except Ahmed Shafik !!
  • Mubarak was visited by the Prince of Kuwait and Sultan of Oman !! “It was denied by Kuwaiti embassy in Cairo ‘
  • Mubarak thinks SCAF is so weak and soft !!
Anyhow one must ask : Why did Al Watan publish this report just days before the finale of Mubarak’s trial on June 2nd ,2012 ? I do not trust Mohamed Amin nor Magdy El Gald ,Al Watan’s editor in chief and I will tell you why.

Ousted president Mubarak and his son Gamal
Ousted president Mubarak and his son Gamal
I do not need to speak about Magdy El Gald and how he is from untrusted journalists in Egypt who excelled public deception and manipulation through Al Masry Al Youm for many years ago when he headed it as editor in chief.
El Amin is or was a close friend to Gamal and Alaa Mubarak , it is unclear exactly from where he has got all that money in order to acquire all these TV stations or even found a new TV station attracting the biggest names in TV industry or to establish a a daily newspaper attracting the biggest names in press. A lot of question marks surround this man and this is why
I want to speak about Mohamed El Amin , the media mogul who deserves the title of Egypt’s Rupert Murdoch but every time I plan to write a letter about him a disaster takes place in Egypt and I cancel my plan. To be honest I am afraid to write about him anything for fear a new disaster

Gamal Mubarak and Hosni Mubarak.JPG
Gamal Mubarak and Hosni Mubarak.JPG


  1. We all know Mubarak and SCAF are one force and are playing games with the people. Mubarak is not sick as we are told and shown. He is fit and in the photo he even can stand and is smiling. We all know Shafik is just a puppet for SCAF/Mubarak and nothing else. You dont have to be Einstein to know what is happening in Egypt.

  2. I agree with you about no to trust Mohamed el Amin ; especially that there's some news ( not confirmed) that him & Emad Adib are part of Shafik's elections team.

    But unfortunately nobody reads or try to search behind the scenes.

  3. I agree completely with you Miss Zeinobia.In addition there a great number of journalists an politicians whoi are surrounded by a big question MARK.


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