Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is it Elections Results Day or war zone day !!?

At 3 PM The Presidential elections committee is going to announce the name of the 5th President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The only thing we are sure that the next president is from Sharkia.

Rumors and leaks say that both Morsi and Shafik are winners , the leaks range from sources and members in the committee to judges in the constitutional court to former Presidential candidates to the daughter of General Sami Anan who allegedly told her friends that Shafik is the winner as well news that the Republican guards are protecting Shafik already !!!!

Banks are going to close their doors at 1 PM , some companies will allow the women to leave earlier. Daycare centers will also close their doors earlier. The streets are empty and people are terrified. People stock up cash and food. It is getting ridiculous thanks to the dirty rotten media machine.

People should be terrified after three weeks of media deception on how the MB got militias and Hamas is going to invade Sinai !! People should be terrified in Heliopolis when they see helicopters hovering all day long like that !! These photos are captured allegedly from Heliopolis by Waleed Abdel Nasser

Shall we see this scene every 4 years ?? This fear and this panic are not seen in the real democratic countries.


  1. You said it perfectly. It looks like a very familiar continuation of Mubarak-era state terrorism.

  2. General-Mobilization conditions usually suggest more adoptive mass… SCAF find it required after allowing over-fuel of both candidates’ supporters.
    It’s an integral technique of SCAF methodology…

    Perhaps! Maybe! I think so!

  3. Yes... and the MB's violent threats if they don't win, I'm sure they helped calm everyone down! The MB are worse than SCAF, time will show those who thought they were voting against the old regime that they've made a huge mistake! What is even more incredible is that those I know that voted for them are now all saying how close they have to watch them and how untrustworthy they are! There is a saying in English : "Be careful what you wish for" ... I feel sad for my country today, not happy, this was never a democratic election and deals were so obviously struck to give this country away, a shame for this beautiful land and it's confused people. :-(


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