Sunday, June 10, 2012

Presidential Candidates from Outer space !!

It is only  one week and we will have our presidential elections runoffs between Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafik in a very tense time in Egypt. Now interestingly enough despite how much each of them try to appear the opposite of the other , there are similarities between them.
Both men are backed up by the two most organized oldest powers and groups in Egypt : The Muslim brotherhood and the NDP with its roots in the Egyptian country side and history
Both men are considered the worst candidates , the ugly ducklings among the top candidates to the level that it took two weeks for Egyptians to wake up from the shock they found in front of them  after announcing the results of the first stage of presidential elections.
Both men got PhDs and both men are related somehow to Outer Space !!
Oh yes Outer space … !!!
Young Mohamed Morsi 
For weeks the Muslim brotherhood claimed that its presidential candidate Morsi used to work in NASA before returning back to Egypt to teach. Morsi got a PhD in Metals and Engineering from University of Southern California.
The claim that Muris used to work in created a little problem for Morsi because according to NASA rules , only American citizens are employed there and thus that would mean either he is an American citizen or if the Muslim brotherhood lies.
Up till now there is no proof that he used to work  in NASA nor that he did not work there but there is possibility that he did some studies in University years for NASA as part of a team  or that NASA used in California State university.
Young Ahmed Shafik 
On the other hand Ahmed Shafik , our former PM and commander of air forces got a PhD in the National Strategy of Outer-Space from Nasser military academy . Strangely in his Arabic CV , it is translated literally in to “The Philosophy of National Strategy of Outer-Space
Strangely we do not have a National strategy for Space because simply we do not have a real space program.
Of course I will not comment about the strange Arabic translation that made confused for weeks because the philosophy of Space is too damn complicated for someone like Shafik with my due respect !!
Now I wished that the strange flying object that turned to be Russian Missile that appeared in Levant’s skies last Thursday to be some Alien race UFO would pay a visit to Egypt in order to abduct both Dr. Morsi and Dr. Shafik in order to save Egypt and Arab world.


  1. Z how come you who know everything no mention at all of the hundreds of courageous revolutionary cockroaches who rape all these women who went to Rape Square yesterday ? General Shafik is needed more than ever.

  2. the fuckin idiot who commented above does not even know that "taharosh" is translated in English into sexual harassment, or worse, he does not know the difference :P

  3. Why post these remarks as "Anonymous"? You don't want to stand behind them?

  4. I think you're being too harsh on Morsi. Come on, he's always opposed Mubarak, and at least he's more open to building a coalition/consensus with other candidates. Plus, he does have a pretty good programme for developing Egypt.

  5. To arablit: posting as 'Anonymous' for many is principally a matter of privacy. In the age of systematic data mining, an ID along with portal account will easily lead to identity. We lost so much privacy, so that the internet ads you view on your screen is not random, rather geared to your person. Secondly, a view point is credible for it's content, not for the ID of the poster.

    I agree the 2 presidential candidates are the worst to look for after the revolution. Ironically the first presidential debate in Arab elections was between A Fotuh and Mousa. No matter who wins presidency, it is obvious the power to change lies in street power not represented by these two.

    Can all the political powers, lead by the moral majority of MB and others, launch a decisive campaign to eradicate sexual harassment? What is the value of morality if it can't preserve people humanity, both the victim and the aggressor? This is a good challenge to join forces among parties in education and legislation if necessary.

  6. Mohamed morsi is a good person!


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