Saturday, June 23, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : Last one tried this , Ended in Maadi hospital !!

Ok from several sources now it seems that the Sudanese government may block communication soon at least the internet in Khartoum and Omdurman in an attempt to stop the spread of protests in the country.

Now just in case Sudanese activists published these numbers for internet Dial Up services as DSL services are cut down. 

At this late hours several areas near Khartoum reported the internet services are cut.

I got several advices from Egypt :

  • The Sudanese should keep a list of doctors
  • The Sudanese should get Thorya phones to keep contact with outside world.
  • The Sudanese abroad should make noise regarding this matter
  • The Sudanese should try to use the dial up services “mentioned above already”

It is worth to mention that the last president tried to do this has ended up in Maadi hospital claiming to be sick to avoid 25 years in jail sentence !!

The witch hunt against politicians , protesters and activists is still on , here is a list showing some activists and protesters arrested in the past couple of days from Sudan Max News. You will find very young people among the detained , I think some of them are minors who should be released.

Here is  another Facebook Page following the news of protests in Sudan.


  1. Communication hasn't been cut because this would only alienate people even more but the crackdown is harsh and regime in denial.

  2. "The Sudanese abroad should make noise regarding this matter"

    Never underestimate the effect of silence from BBC, NYTimes etc. If they don't say anything not even the expat Sudanese can rise up.

    This is problem in Western media: black Africa is simply not important.

  3. The President said today in a recorded statement on State TV news that 'the Sudanese people should stop extravagant spending'...

    No comment.


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