Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : Sudanese media says Gays and WhoRes Protest in Khartoum !!!!

According to El Wifaq Sudanese newspaper those protesting against the regime are actually gays and whores supported by foreign embassies in Khartoum.
Al Wifaq : Gars and whores protest in Khartoum
This reminds me so much with Mubarak’s propaganda in even much worse way.
The protests in Sudan have not stopped so is the witch hunt against activists , students , protesters and politicians.Here is an interactive map showing the progress of protests in Sudan thanks to Sudan Change Now.

The protests did not stop despite the penalty of protesting against the ruler is flogging !!!
Oh yes flogging , here is a video filmed in Aliphon area where a protester is being flogging for protesting against the regime and unfortunately the public is cheering for this punishment.
Now my dear friend Salma El Wardany has been deported from Sudan after refusing to Stay there without covering the protests. She arrived in Cairo at 9 PM after spending hours in Khartoum airport accompanied by Sudanese security officers and officials from the Egyptian embassy.
The security officials in Khartoum made it clear to my friend Salma , either staying in Sudan but ignoring the protests or leave the country as soon as possible. Salma respected her job and decided to leave. It was not that nice day for El Wardany
I am proud of Salma’s stand and more proud that I know her personally.
By the way I have not forgotten tweep Usama "@Simsmit" or other Sudanese activists.


  1. The day that our region is purified from these false kings and princes and emirs and dictators will be a great day for humanity and justice and freedom.
    I am so proud of what Morsi has done in just 2 days and he has not even been sworn in yet. Let's hope and pray that Morsi will be a shining model for Muslim leadership and drag Islam out of the mess it is in today.
    Let's hope that Al Azhar once again regains it's leadership in the Arab world and not the Wahabi fanatics jihadist training centres in mosques in the Al Saud hands. 80% of mosques in the USA are run and funded by Wahabi clerics and all their books are printed by Saudi.
    Sudan North and South God hlep these people and respect to your friend and her release.

  2. Your friendly neighborhood Pharaoh6/27/2012 02:46:00 PM

    It seems we have to look after Sudan again as we did before:

    "... and the soldiers of His Majesty arrived in the miserable land of Kush, and overthrew these savages, and according to the command of His Majesty they left no male alive, except one of the sons of the miserable Prince of Kush, who was carried away alive with some of their servants to the place where His Majesty was. His Majesty took his seat on his throne, and when the prisoners whom his soldiers had captured were brought to him they were placed under the feet of the good god. Their land was reduced to its former state of subjection, and the people rejoiced and their chiefs were glad. They ascribed praise to the Lord of the Two Lands, and they glorified the god for his divine beneficence. This took place because of the bravery of His Majesty, whom his father Amun loved more than any other Pharaoh of Egypt from the very beginning, the Pharaoh of the South and North, Aakheperenra, the son of Ra, Thutmose 2, whose crowns are glorious, endowed with life, stability, and serenity, like Ra for ever ..."

  3. Look after the disenfranchised of Sinai and the disenfranchised Nubians first.

    Quell the fears of your large Coptic minority.

    As Egypt embraces Islamism, Sudan revolts against it.

    And it's not wise to call blacks 'savages' since the trickle of water that reaches you originates and passes through their land.

    Get Morsi and el Baz to come up with a cheap means of desalinating your two seas.

    Learn wastewater desalination from your geographic, strategic and economic partner Israel - they are world leaders in that field.

    Nubian mythology foresees a Nubian King every Millennium who unites the people and crowns their glory.

    It was Pyankhy in ancient times who subdued Egypt.

    It was Muhammad Ahmad Al-Mahdi in the 1800s who taught your people a painful lesson that resonates till this day.

    And we are awaiting the Nubian King of our timrs.

  4. Actually ya Zeinab the crowd are cheering the lad for withstanding the punishment fearlessly... If you listen carefully you can hear women shouting amidst the "zaghareed" Our children are fearless men (اولادنا رجال اولادنا ما بخافوا)...the crowd are celebrating the courage and endurance of the lads as is the old traditional customs of these areas. Taking the punishment is one way of showing the government that they have no respect for it and that its punishment does not change them...This is typical of the Sudanese cultures in the area


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