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Voting Girl 2012 :Presidential elections Runoffs 2012

And I went to the vote in the presidential elections runoffs of 2012 with heavy heart and small hope that my vote will ever be accounted in the victorious finalist candidate's side
I went to vote and this morning I had three options in front of me : To boycott the elections altogether and stay at home or to invalidate my vote or to vote Morsi.
I respect and admire those who went to invalidate their votes including many of my friends as well I do respect and admire those who boycotted the election because one thing of sure the legitimacy of the upcoming president would be the legitimacy of few millions out of the 90 millions Egyptians.
Before heading to work , I had two options : To invalidate my vote or to vote Morsi. After finishing work and heading to the polling station , I made up my mind already. 
When I arrived at my polling station “Al Orman Secondary school” at 4:45 PM in Agouza , I found it empty , EMPTY. Unlike last time there are police officers in the all women’s polling station along with army personnel. They were friendly and helping old ladies in finding their numbers in the voters registry which is strangely turned to be not that national security as SPEC claimed !!
I asked the police officers about the turnout and they told me that it was lower than yesterday attributing the reasons behind this low turnout to the hot weather expecting higher turn later at night. FYI : I got journalism permit so it is easy to have friendly chats with police and army officers.
I went to my committee which was the young ladies to find it empty and the judge technically sleeping and exhausting. The station was empty , it was like as if I was the first one that would see after hours and hours of waiting. Through little chats and the judge I was reassured that the turnout was low. The registered voters were 5600 and only 2000 showed up and voted till that time. They also told me that many voters from young ladies came and invalidated their votes.
Now to the big moment : …..
I voted for Morsi
yes I voted for Morsi and I see your mouths are dropped but just wait.
I voted for Morsi and I think that 75% he will not win the elections.
I voted for Morsi because now I know that the Muslim brotherhood will not control the country especially after the historical decision of the Supreme constitutional court to dissolve the democratic elected parliament with Islamist majority. Already even with that parliament which I confess was disappointed “yet it was the public’s choice” , I was not scared that much from Muslim brotherhood’s president for one simple equation :
The Muslim brotherhood has not controlled the army nor the police nor the media nor the people where as Ahmed Shafik got in his side SCAF , the police that felt humiliated after the revolution , corrupted NDP who want to regain power from MB , the corrupted businessmen who are scared from the social justice demand and the corrupted Mubarak media that is made of being marginalized for a whole year.
Ironically if I want to revolt against President Morsi , it will be much easier to get support from the army and the police as well many sectors in the society.
I voted for Morsi and I hate and refuse the Muslim brotherhood and their program whether the political or social or economic program. I voted for Morsi and I know that I will be opponent to him and his brotherhood.
I voted for Morsi and I know that the Muslim brotherhood will and are doing deals with SCAF and the US . Already I knew while I was voting , Saad El Katanany was sitting with SCAF members to negotiate about the fate of the Parliament.
I voted for Morsi yet I refuse and hate his conservative views. I voted for him and I believe that he is not the best man to lead Egypt but rather the less evil than Shafik and what he represents from prolonging that rotten regime that made Egypt hit rock bottom for years. .
I voted for Morsi because I can’t accept the return of NDP and Mubarak’s regime in new clothes. I voted for Morsi because I do not want to see media charlatans like Abdel Kamel , Siyad Ali and the worst TV host Egypt has seen Tawfik Okasha leading the media scene. 
I voted for Morsi because I will be fooling myself if I though that there will be real change when Ahmed Shafik writes bank checks to the NDP cronies in Qena to get their votes.
I met the delegates of Morsi and Shafiq and they were friendly with each other. As I was leaving a met a lady janitor in her late 20s who stopped me after knowing that I am a reporter to tell me that she did not know whom she should elect saying the following :
Whom shall I elect ? Both men suck and not good ? There are no voters like before as everybody is frustrated and lost unlike before we had Hamdeen and Abu El Fotouh.Unlike the rich people I know that I will price of electing anyone of them , I work as a janitor. They tell me to elect Shafik because things can’t get any worse but what about those kids who were killed !!??
Do you know how I felt when I hear this sweet lady like that ? I was happy because I know there is change.
I could not tell her to elect Morsi or invalidate her vote because there was an army solider besides plus it is against the law.
In my way out I found flocks of ladies from all generations from the Middle and Upper Middle Class heading to the polling station.
I went to another polling station , the Kommia school polling station which got two committees for ladies and men. I knew from the judge at the men’s poll that the number of registered voters was 4,960 but only 2500 showed up.
Where are the people ??
He asked. The lady judge at the women’s poll on the hand told me that there was not big difference from the first stage despite it was not crowded like before.
This is my big Voting Girl 2012 Runoffs post , I hope next time insh Allah it will be more cheerful.

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  1. We have a saying in America when it comes to voting, which is "choosing the lessor of two evils".
    In other words, choosing the one who will not be as bad as the other. Perhaps it's the same everywhere.


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