Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Actually it is an insult to all Muslims more than Morsi

The temple Institute in Israel has produced and aired a very interesting ad called "The Children are ready" , of course some of you the children are ready for what and I will tell you that they are ready for the Third Temple .

I can not keep noticing how that Jewish father was reading in the paper about El Assad's forces..etc.
Now the Egyptian news websites whether Ahram Gate , Shorouk , Dostor and Al Badil are showing the ad and saying that it is insulting Mohamed Morsi because it says that the Third Temple will be built and the Egyptian president will not stop it !!
Here is a screen cap showing the photo of Morsi.
Morsi's photo
Well I feel it is more insulting to all Muslims in the world in Ramadan than to Morsi and to Egypt , actually this ad says that the temple will be built over Al Aqsa Mosque , the third Holiest place for Muslim in Ramadan !!
Now from what I read and I know , the Zionist Christians as well radical Zionist Jews believe that the second coming of the Messiah and building the third temple will happen after a huge war between Muslims and Jews which includes the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque.


  1. You know this is something that I don't understand about Egypt. Everyday they publish articles attacking Israel and the Jews; they make a Ramadan series showing how an Egyptian diplomat abuses his position to rob a bank - and suddenly when an obscure instute posts a video no one has noticed in Israel, it is an attack on all Muslims.

  2. There are extreme and lunatic organizations in Israel, as there are in any country in the world. They are definitely not main stream, and they are in clear defiance of both secular and religious main government and non-government organizations in Israel.

    Talking about extreme and lunatic, how about this candid camera Egyptian TV show where an Egyptian actor (Ayman Kandeel) beats a woman TV host just because he suspects here of being Israeli?

    Its hard for me to believe that this is the true face of the Egyptian society, in the same manner I can tell you that this ad is not representative of the main stream of Israeli society.

  3. Dear Expat. Context is all. Whatever group is responsible for the ad, it is fact that the state of Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian land. It is in contravention of human rights laws in the abuse of palestinians it is in breach of geneva conventions in using phosperous and other weapons on civilians. it truns a blind eye to settlers insulting abusing ans shooting at Palestinians. It uses bulldozers to kill American and European peace activists. And with regard to the Al Aqsa mosque it has been literally undermining it. Purportedly excavating for archeological purposes but effectively ensuring that at some point it will collapse. And printing Shekel coins with the boundaries of Greater Israel from the Tigris to the Euphrates. I don't think it would be easy to exagerate the threat Israel is to peace in the region. To say its loony leaders are not a threat to Arabs, Muslims and indeed world peace would be absurd.

    1. Luckily, nobody in the Arab countries kills anyone, and everybody lives in peaceful and brotherly love with each other...

    2. Latifa, read what you write. You do not accept the existence of the State of Israel. But what loony leaders are you referring to? Assad? Khadafi? Saddam Hussein? Sudan's Bashar? Ahmedinejad? The Talibans? Al Qaeda? These good Muslims have killed millions of other good Muslins and are the real threat to the peace of the world.n

    3. That shekel story is one of Yassir Arafat's ideas. The coin was based on an ancient design and had nothing to do with borders.

      If al-Aqsa collpases it will be from the Waqf excavations, not Israel.

  4. YEAH an insult to the hole Muslim world. They will trigger WW-III if they do that. Se be careful israel, not play with the sentiments of Muslims.

  5. Latifa, your own leaders are a treat to you - from your crazy neighbor Sudanese Al-Bashir to crazy lunatic Assad and others. They are killing your ppl, not Jews or Zionists or whatever. Your ppl also kill your women bcz they suspect them of being infidel or flurting with guys and so on. Your ppl kill innocent guy in Arish bcz he happened to be with his fiance. Wake up before its too late. For you .

  6. The Temple will be re-built, and the illegal Golden Toilet will be demolished. End of story.

  7. The view propogated in this video would be considered heretical by the vast majority of Orthodox Jewish scholars and disgustingly anachronistic by their progressive Jewish counterparts. The people who sponsored this campaign represent but a thin, extremist sliver of Jews, Israelis, and/or Zionists. There is no active excavation under the Temple Mount apart from research authorized by the Jordanian Waqf; Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock are there to stay. And remember, just because I am a Jew and a Zionist doesn't make me a sadistic monster who wants to see Palestinian children suffer- far from it.


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