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And You know That 2012 will come to an end when you see this !!

Happy Hilary "Reuters" 
You may think that the 2012 will witness the end of the world when you see these strange scenes in Cairo today that you have never imagined or thought from couple of months ago to see. Just right now , in this late hour of Saturday we find hundreds of Egyptians protesting outside the American embassy in Cairo to object the visit of Hilary Clinton as well Four seasons Garden city hotel where the US state of department secretary is staying." Can she sleep with that noise under her suit ? "
She was also met protests at Al Ithadia Presidential Palace in Heliopolis where she held talks with Morsi.  
First of all this is the first time that Egyptians are allowed to express themselves freely when it comes to the visits of world powers' officials in the this way since very long long way. They did not protest against the soviet officials when they hated and dispised them secretly nor did they protest in this big and close to the guest peacefully to that degree when American officials come to town !!
Second who would ever imagine that the liberals and Christians in Egypt would protest against Hilary Clinton and demanding the US to stop interfering in the Egyptian affairs !!? Yes today the liberal Free Egyptians party "FEP" and the Christian Mapsero Youth coalition "MYC" protested against the American intervention in the Egyptian political affairs as well the American support to the Islamists in front of the US embassy in the morning.
The protest at Presidential palace
America supports Liberty from Garden City protests
Today also Christian prominent figures in Egypt from politicians and thinkers including former MP Emad Gad have reportedly refused to meet Clinton. The Copts abroad lobby has started to attack Obama and the democrats. Emad Gad told the US embassy that he will discuss the situation of the Christians in Egypt with Egyptian officials and not foreign ones.
In other brief words the Christians in Egypt are extremely angry from the US , they feel that they are being sold for regional promises by MB to the US after years of looking up to the US as their supporter internationally against the rising Islamist trend in Egypt.It is not a secret that most Christians voted for Ahmed Shafik not for the love of his black eyes but rather of fear of Islamists and their rule. Many of these Christians as well of the rest of those who voted for Shafik believe that he was the winner in the elections but the US used all its power to make Morsi win pressing SCAF to change the results. Do not be surprised but this was spread in the media throughout the past weeks and was enforced by certain American actions like the statements of Clinton and telephone call of Panetta to Tantawy as well the visit of US Navy commander to Egypt prior to the announcement of the results.
Clinton with Morsi "AP"
These Egyptians found no coincidence that Morsi reinstated the Parliament after the statements of Clinton, Burns and US ambassador Ann Peterson about the importance of having the democratically elected parliament back."Despite Morsi made it clear in his Cairo university speech that the parliament will be back !!"
The liberals felt that they were sold and that the US prefers the Islamists because of some deals concerning regional powers balances in an attempt to create a powerful Sunni axis against the Shiite Iranian power axis as well finding a regime in Cairo that would be peaceful enough to Israel !! "yes liberals say that !!"
Already the latest conspiracy theory among liberals which I have heard today was that the MB were middleman between Hamas and the US and Israel.
No for Israel and no for Muslim brotherhood
The deal allegedly is to accept two states solution and to stop fighting for about 100 years !!!!! " ok I do not believe the 100 years part but no one can deny that since #Jan25 and the MB played a role with the Egyptian intelligence when it comes to its branch in Gaza"
When you hear this , you will know that these liberals have become secular nationalists who are against Zionism and the American domination in the region.
Now currently angry Christians and liberals are not alone in Garden city quarter ,hundreds of Omar Soliman and SCAF groupies are there as well led by none other than the disgrace of Egyptian TV, MENA's Glenn Beck Tawfik Okasha who got a fake PhD from the US !!
The big Okasha on da stage !! "Getty" 

Now this crowed are the biggest so far stationed in front of the Four seasons hotel with a big expensive stage chanting against Clinton, US, Morsi and MB."from where did they get this stage which needs time to be set up!!!??" They claim that they are defending our national dignity against American interfere while holding the banners of the CIA's rendition man in Cairo Omar Suileman in the biggest ironies of all time !!
The problem of that group is that it discredits the liberals and the Christians especially that group actually opposes the revolution.
Of course we must ask ourselves , will Omar Soliman groupies "not the angry liberals and Christians" protest tomorrow when Mrs.Clinton visits Field Marshal Tantawy ??
The photo of Tantawy was held in the protest in front
of Garden City "Getty" 
Tomorrow socialist and liberal powers in Alexandria including the Revolutionary socialists are going to protest her visit to the Mediterranean mermaid city to inaugurate the American consulate after it was renewed. Allegedly an ironically if it is true the Islamist powers and parties representatives in the city including the Salafists of Al Nour Party that hate the US will attend the inauguration !! Last week US ambassador in Cairo Ann Peterson met with the leaders of Al Nour Salafist party.
By the way President Morsi did not speak about Omar Abdel Rahman with Hilary Clinton , Al Gama'a Al Islamiyya will be very angry !! He broke his promise as it seems.
Anyhow for awhile I Stopped trying to understand what is going on in Egypt because things seem to be crazy enough to make me believe that world is coming to end !! I think after seeing what happened today in Cairo the world is coming to an end with that upside down situation.


  1. I loved your last paragraph very much, yes no one is certain what the hell is going on. But one thing is for sure, Morsi is totally deviating from the plan that we were made to believe will take place... God help us

  2. What is going there? I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of it! Thanks for this post. We have headlined with it on our Blog Roundup.

  3. One world has come to an end in Egypt, the new one is trying to emerge. Not easy. Also Morsi needs money to feed hungry Egyptians and therefore welcomes America....

  4. No surprise at all. When you search and learn that MB& Hamas are the creation,and tools , of MI-6, CIA &Mossad, bizzare events happened in Egypt and ME ,you shouldn't be surprised at all. Those enitities (MB&Hamas), on the outside, act like enemies to those countries , and on the deep inside, they are powerful secretive tools to politics in the US, UK and Zionist Israel. Dividing Egypt appeared to be on the agenda. I seriously think also, Iran religious Mullahs are included. The main objective is to keep the ME as backward as it can be. The biggest joke you hear is about Iran developing Nuclear Weapon as threat to Israel!!. Did any western media, politician voiced a comment that it is equally a threat to palestinians, and many other countries in the region?? No of course, the game must go on ....
    So simply put Morsi is acting his role, don't wonder of his moves...

    1. Hey! The Brothers were created in 1928 - there was no CIA at the time, even less M0ssad....

    2. Don't be Preplexed; ask your parent, in 1928 MI-6 and British colonials were behind creation of the MB. Don't forget the ruling model of "divide &concur" is British. Yes CIA & MOSSAD weren't , but their mentor was then, If you study Egypt history then, between 1928 and the WWII they controlled King Fouad (MB was a baby started to grow and cause noise) , when King Farouk was appointed "as a teen age King" there was not much of problems. When Israeli & Palestinian issue emerged by late forties , and King Farouk started to grow and learn (in spite of his simple background), MB started to appear. The story started to become more visible with Nasser afterward. Then he was able to put them in the closet, because no fund was available from Saudi or the Gulf , in fact Egypt was helping them at the time. The simple clue ; "Where the money come from ?".

  5. This is just pure dirty propaganda Nasser style. Its back to the 1960s - 1970s stereotype of secular nationalist anti-imperialist versus traitor Islamists. You know the "liberal" camp is moraly bankrupt when it uses images like the Military and Nationalism to confront the MB or the Salafists.

    And neither the Islamists have any intention of backtracking. They have tasted State repression and State violence for the last 60 years and will not stand for it again. People are deluded if they think they can raise the bogeyman of USA-Israel and the cry of Nation in Danger to get the Army to attack the Islamists.

    1. Don't worry, the Army and the Liberal camps can't attack the islamist MB. In the sixties and seventies they had Soviet support , now they don't have any. Cold war is taking a sleep. Now we are for heading for New World Order.

  6. At least more segments of the society participate in public protests. I hope that this contributes to the perception, that protests are normal. If Egypt is once a free society, there will be protests, strikes, and roadblocks every day, like in France and Italy.

    The low amount of protests in Germany, has lead to a decrease in living standard in Germany over the last twenty years.

    1. Egypto:
      That perception of public protests existed in Egypt during the royalty, and was put to bed afterward. Western power then and Nasser didn't refer to them as liberty or free society. Opposing parties didn't get much outside financial support. and after the 1949 war the Egypt was bankrupting.

  7. The people who appeared at these anti-USA demonstrations looked too well dressed for true revolutionaries, these people are referred to as caviar socialists the likes who live comfortably and went to private schools and universities and do not represent a true cross-section of the Egyptian population that went out to oust Mubarak.
    The MB (and the rest of the world)know well that the USA holds the money, IMF and the most powerful financial institutions in the world and if Egypt's economy does not get a shot in the arm soon, then Morsi's government will be ousted in no time.
    Egyptians should be told that if they continue to insult the USA
    they may not get any funds from them, Europe,rich Arab countries or world financial institutions or anybody else. And that is a fact!

    1. And what exactly the form of money from the USA was about? Every year, $1.5 billions for "military aids", few $hundred millions for bribing the military &politicians to buy the arms. How much poor Egyptians got???????

  8. Haha, Egyptians get bored easily, it seems from their politics: if there's no action, better invent some! But, who IS this Tawfik Okasha bloke? I've seen him on twitter and he seems not all there, but then it's easy to come across as strange or stupid in a foreign language. I need an Egypt Explained For Foreigners guide to incomprehensible things like T.O. and shabiha/thugs.

  9. Excellent and well written. Written both in a witty way as well as wanting us to read "in between the lines"


    an american who loves Egypt and Eygptians :)

  10. Good post Zeinobia.
    To Maia

    Tawfik Okasha is Egypt's Glenn Beck-----A clown and when you have clowns telling people through media things you have a dangerous situation.


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