Monday, July 23, 2012

#July23 : Remembering the forgotten

The 60th anniversary of the #July23 is here , as we debate whether we should celebrate it or not or we should cancel it or not , I think we should remember the first president of Egypt General Mohamed Naguib.

Here is General Mohamed Naguib’s first statement in July 1952 in video.

General Naguib was the from the first victims of the #July23 and what happened to him was more than awful and disgusting, the first president to be treated in this way. His life was a tragedy and enough what happened to his sons.
"From British Pathe"
Here is also another video about the crisis in Cairo and how Mohamed Naguib was on a tight rope.
Now for the first time I found what it can be the first and only interview in video with Naguib that was recorded in 1984.
This interview was conducted by Shafe'e Shalaby, the former Egyptian state TV host. It is more of a project by Shalaby who is known to be a nationalist. 
The former president spoke in that short clip about the execution of workers Khamis and Bakry , who led the strike of Misr textile in Kar El-Dawwar in 1952 in an infamous incident or to be precise his meeting at his office with two poor workers. 

The execution of Khamis and Bakry was supported and approved by the Muslim Brotherhood , above them Siyad Qutb himself. 
Unfortunately, Naguib cried in the end screaming "pain, pain, pain"
I wish Shalaby would release the whole interview without all watermarks.
He had too many years to rethink about what he did indeed.
 SCAF members should read Naguib's memories very well and understand his mistakes especially Tantawy.
Despite he was not elected , people should know that the first president for the Egyptian Republic was President Mohamed Naguib. I hope that we manage to achieve what Mohamed Naguib wanted to do and fail to.
By the way, it would have been strong message if the first elected president paid a visit to the first president of Egyptian republic’s forgotten tomb.
Mohamed Naguib


  1. Do You possibly know if his book "I was a President of Egypt' was ever published in English?
    Great article. interesting.

  2. Yes. I have a first edition of it.

    In English, its title was 'Egypt's Destiny: A Personal Statement by Mohammed Naguib'. Superb book.

    A nationalist, a hero, and the father of the Republic. May God bless him.

  3. From Naguib to Morsy...All in between was a curse....

    1. Poor Naguib was used by Nasser and his 'Free Officers' as a front to achieve their claim to power, after-which Nasser eliminated most of the free officers who helped him undertake the July 23 coup (Sadat missed out on the coup as he was at the movies). Sadat survived Nasser because he was not seen as a threat, but he gave us a thief after he died.

    2. Nasser not only betrayed the REvolution, he destroyed the Egyptian Army. He killed or imprisoned all the senior experienced Army officers in the name of Nationalism. He sent 30,000 troops to Yemen in 1967 when they were needed in the Sinai. He was a loser, a tyrant, burning in hell.

  4. Ian and Anonymous, you are talking about two different books.

    Naguib's autobiography "I Was a President of Egypt" was published in 1984, and translated into English as "The Fate of Egypt." At least according to Wikipedia. Good luck finding a copy.

  5. Naguib was the rarest chance Egypt had for a bright future. While under the royalty, he resigned following the disadter of 1949, and the king turned it down. He loudely announced that the army has to go back to their bases and democratic system replace them. of course this didn't please the corrupt officers bunch. He was educated, spoke several languages. Egypt had him in dream period. God bless his sole.

  6. Everything about Naguib was good, except that he did not have the spirit of Islam in him.

    Egyptians are the people of Amro bin Aas, Egypt will have to be ruled by the tenets of the Sahaba.

    A leader who fears Allah and the afterlife is what a Muslim country needs, Egypt is a Muslim country.

    May Allah grant long life and wisdom to Amir al Mo'mineen Mohammed Morsy el Ayat.

    1. Are Muslims doing any good deed out of fear of Allah? The afterlife? or out of love of Allah and hope they are rewardwed with his blessings in afterlife!!????


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