Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#London2012 : Let the games and scandals start !!

The Egyptian flag at Olympic village by Ahmed Al Nemer
This is the last thing I want to write about our Olympics  , I did not want to start writing about a scandal !!I knew about the story for two days now and seriously I am furious from that bureaucratic mindset from 1950s !! The Egyptian Olympic committee held a tender to get the cheapest offer and ended by choosing the cheapest offer without paying attention to the fact that it is a fake offer and not the original!!
Update : The Egyptian Olympic committee chairman General Mohamed Ali is telling Nike to sue the agent over fake kit !!
General Ali denies any previous knowledge about the matter in his statements to AOE Sports despite on the other hand Nike's sole Agent in Egypt say that he sent to the committee two letters warning it for that kit !! They even offered to give the delegation free kit for the sake of Egypt and the committee ignored them !!
Of course General Ali is defending his decision claiming that he did not know that the kit his committee chose was fake !! "All Nike products in the Egyptian Market are made in China. They all have the same logo. How can you know !!??" The former police general said to Ahram Online !!!
It is worth to mention that for decades the Olympic committee was headed by Susan Mubarak´s brother runaway Mounir Thabet.
Updated : The ministry of tourism's fund is going to pay for the original Nike's Kit for our team today according to the statements of minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour of tourism as that team represents Egypt's image.
I am too angry but I am not shocked or surprised , this is the result of old bureaucracy and neglect.I do not understand why the Egyptian Olympic committee does not spend 1/3 of what the Egyptian Football Federation spent on those losers playing football.
Already I wanted to write a big post celebrating our Olympic delegation which is considered the biggest since Los Angeles Olympics with the biggest Arabic women representation in the history of the Olympics.
The beautiful girls of synchronized swimming team by
synchronized swimmer Samer Hasona 
Anyhow enough of that talk. I wish I was more sports focused. Anyhow I will follow the Olympics this year carefully as we got great Women representation from the Gulf including Saudi Arabia for the first time.
Wishing all the luck and success to our wonderful boys and girls who are trying to make us happy.
By the way you can follow this amazing list of Egyptian athletes on twitter for live coverage from London. You should also follow this account "Olympic Egypt" to follow the news of our delegation in London.Here is Egypt's Profile in 2012 Olympics website 
Down below an excel sheet in Arabic with a timetable of Egypt Olympic delegation´s participation in the games thanks to Olympic Egypt 


  1. Read this Ahram English article about counterfeits.

    Man this guy is clueless, he says: “All Nike products in the Egyptian Market are made in China. They all have the same logo. How can you know?"

    Did he really go to market and buy the stuff!? All markets have counterfeits including English markets... This guy should be fired!

  2. Does this surprise anyone? This is our daily routine: cheating and once we are caught we play the innocent. And of course the poor athletes have to pay from their own pocket,while General (!) Ali walks away. Mafeesh faydah ya misr!

  3. It will be interesting to observe sportswear with increasing participation of Muslim women. Sports hijabs? Burkinis? Haha. The beach volleyball competition requires bikinis, but I heard they are considering dropping that requirement. An extremely bad idea: That's men's favorite spectator sport at the Olympics. Phoar!

    Good luck to the synchronized swimmers and the rest of the Egyptian athletes, both women and men.

  4. Oh dear! "But the committee's chairman, Gen Mahmoud Ahmed Ali, defended the decision to go for the 'counterfeit' gear because of his country's tight finances, AP reports."
    BBC: London 2012: Egypt Olympic team get 'fake' Nike kit

    This guy goes to news organizations and defends for getting fake gear? I really think this man should be fired - but I suppose Morsi couldn't do even that without SCAF approval.


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