Monday, July 30, 2012

Regarding Chinese warships heading to #Syria through #Suez canal

Just from several hours ago a small unconfirmed news spread like fire online claiming that Egypt allowed 3 Chinese warships and frigates to pass from Suez canal heading Syria as quick Chinese aid to El Assad carrying big cargo of arms.
The only two news sources in Egypt speaking about the matter are : Al Shorouk newspaper “Ar” and Ahram Gate “Ar” that mentioned the names of Chinese warships according to a security official source in Suez Canal authority. Of course in Egypt now you can not trust any source what so ever.
This news created an uproar and anger among Syrians and Egyptians alike. Syrians are angry on how Egypt is betraying them and Egyptians are angry from Morsi on how he betrayed them and let the warships pass cursing him and SCAF as well MB alike. The MB divided on two section : One section justifying the decision saying that Morsi can not break international treaties “Despite during the Iraq invasion , MB said Mubarak should break the treaties” and the other section was angry from Morsi cursing him.
The climax of the MB anger when the Freedom and Justice Party and Muslim brotherhood issued a statement against the decision saying Suez canal and Egyptian economy to hell if it were on the expense of our Syrian brothers. “Nasser would be happy to see that the MB is keeping his legacy of using big words alive”
Now despite I am in vacation trying to keep myself away from politics , I could not keep myself from searching for the truth. I could not find any single international source speaking about Chinese warships heading to Syria . I know that China could not move single warship that far to the Mediterranean without catching the attention. The only thing I found about Chinese navy suspicious movements in South China disputed area with the Philippines. “ More from AFP
Still luckily in Ahram Gate report the names of the Chinese warships were mentioned “two of them were actually misspelled and one was correct” , thus I traced them. It turns out that destroyer “Qingdao” accompanied frigate “Yantai” and comprehensive supply ship “Weishanhu” in Chinese naval escort flotilla “11th taskforce” that departed from the city of Qingdao in China to secure and escort 6 merchant ships from China , Singapore , Norway , South Korea and Portugal through the Gulf of Aden and nearby stretches of Indian oceans.
As you know the Somali pirates have won notorious repetition that NATO countries , China, Russia , Japan and India are having military vessels patrolling that huge area of Indian ocean. This is the 11th time China participate in escorting the merchant vessels. Now it was easy to track them for awhile. On July 1,2012 the Chinese warships flotilla headed by “Qingdao” reached the port of Salalah in Oman which was the 4th and last round of in port rest and replenishment in that taskforce. 
The 12th Chinese Naval escort force 
The 11th Chinese naval escort taskforce led by “Qingdao” frigate handed over its escort mission to the 12th Chinese naval escort taskforce in mid July in the Gulf of Aden.The 12th Chinese naval escort taskforce is made of the “Yiyang” guided missile frigate, the “Changzhou” guided missile frigate and the “Qiandao Lake” comprehensive supply ship. That taskforce left naval port of Zhoushan of East China on July 2nd, 2012.
On July 17th,2012  the commander of the 11th Chinese naval escort force met with EU counterpart in the western waters of the Gulf of Aden. On July 18th ,2012 the Chinese naval taskforces liberated a crew of a Taiwanese trawler held for nearly 19 months by Somali pirates and were taken to Chinese naval vessel.
On July 27th,2012 the Chinese 11th Naval taskforce crossed Suez canal in its way to visit both Ukraine and Romania . These are from official Chinese sources. We know when it comes to warfare and politics , official sources should be taken cautiously but this is just a small attempt to find the truth. I am praying to God that fleet would be only visiting Ukraine and Romania. Already Ukraine is now considered a wheat source instead of the States for China. “Interesting fact”
Now it was also spread that that these vessels were heading to participate in joint exercise with Syria,Iran,Russia in Syria.  The only source online about joint exercise is none other than FARS news agency which fabricated interviews with Morsi before.I can not trust FARS news agency. Already I do not know what kind of joint exercise these countries will allegedly have in Syria when El Assad is losing his control in Aleppo day after day !!
In Russian Pravda the Russian Defense ministry officials denied the reports claiming that there will be Syrian-Iranian-Chinese-Russian maneuvers despite the huge departure of Russian Navy warships to Syrian coastline earlier this month. You should read that Pravda piece. “Yes it is the PRAVDA”
From amateur military point of view , I do not know how these warships will save El Assad when his army is having house to house guerilla warfare on the ground in Syria !! Of course the worst case scenario if these warships are heading to Syria for real is to supply El Assad and his army but again are not air transportation is much faster to save his evil ass !!?? Organized armies can not stand a guerilla warfare in towns , a lesson well known to everybody.
Anyhow what we are witnessing now in Syria is no longer a revolution but rather international world power class one fight using regional conflicts in a very explicit way with no respect to blood or human loses.
Strangely the National Syrian Council “NSC” will continue its talks in Cairo to form a transitional government next Tuesday. Hopefully they will reach to something serious this time.
Now speaking from legal perspective Egypt can stop any ship passing regardless of its nationality except in the case of war between Egypt and country where that ship belongs to through the Suez canal because of the Convention of Constantinople. Still if Egypt suspects that the cargo in those ships will be used in genocides , it can use a legal exist represented in one of the UN charters about Naval transportation and having the right to stop the advance of vessels if carrying arms used in aggression and conflict. I do not remember the charter but the international law experts may know it better than me.
Anyhow I am praying that these Chinese warships are visiting Ukraine and Romania for real and get the hell out of the Mediterranean without passing by Syria. No Egyptian will accept that Syrians will be harmed because of the canal.


  1. Excellent, it took you a lot to trace, it takes 10 seconds for average Egyptian journalist to publish
    any piece of news or rumors :)

  2. Good research, Z. But now try to enjoy your vacation. :)

  3. Excellent work. I think you missed "NOT" in the following part:

    Now speaking from legal perspective Egypt can NOTstop any ship passing regardless of its nationality except in the case of war between Egypt and country where that ship belon

    Alaa Barky

  4. Good work as usual, still the facts that the ships crossed but we don't know where they are heading ?!!

    And, Air transportation sometimes in similar cases is impossible because countries could prevent you from using their air-space if they suspect the nature of the mission..

    One more thing Z , they might not be seeking to help the young butcher - remember that China & Russia were his only source for military technology - What if this mission is for re-collecting some of the items that everyone is talking about its present danger and afraid of falling in the wrong hands..

    If they are heading to Romania & Ukraine, they should cross Turkey in 3 to 4 days Maximum to go to the Balck Sea .. One more day , they should have stopped somewhere.....

    "Z" you have to use your tools starting from tommorow to see if they crossed the Bosphorous or not ..

    Have a nice vacation,

  5. Yes we need to know if they crossed the Bosphorus or not

  6. Well very intresting article , you arw talking about your syrian brothers and how you do care for them, why dont you open the rafah border to gaza or israel is too scary for u? But u think syria is ok to attack? I think you need to look at the bigger picture here, if damascus falls to the proamericans and the rebels are proamericans then goodbye palestine , MB will rule most of the arab world with american aid ofcourse and we will have a bigger camp david opying e humilating egyptian agreement with israel but this time with most of the arab world

    1. Gaza / Syria ( Mixing the cards ) ..
      Syria going through inner revolt ..
      Gaza under foreign occupation ..
      International law makes a big difference between the two cases .. Israel is pushing to get back the responsability of Gaza to Egypt , making borders wide open will help in this direction which is not in favor of the Palestinian case ...

      Current Israeli status is the least scary for Egypt since its formation , they have a volatil border with lebanon and an eminent real threat ( For the first time ) from Syria !!!The least that any stupid Israeili leader will do is opening a new front ...

      This is why - I think - that that some (OUTLAW )bedouins are doing for the past months the work instead of someone else to decrease the pressure on this border and keep security forces always busy ...!!

    2. Dear Egyptian engineer,

      Some mistakes in your reply:

      - Gaza is not under occupation. Israeli troops left Gaza in 2005

      - The Egyptian government announced the opening of the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza on April 2011, so the Egypt-Gaza border is open.

      - Actually, the outlaw Sinai bedouins are increasing the pressure on the border, and it may blow in everyone's face, even if nobody wants it

    3. Dear Anonymous,

      - Israeili tanks are getting in and out Gaza daily, F-16 bombing weekly targets ;and; overall when you cross Rafah border , 1 km in Gaza you will see on both sides of the road Tanks patroling the borders ( If this is not occupation ?? what is it )

      - Egyptian government anounced the opening of Rafah , It is meant for civilians and not suitable for all types of goods crossing which must go through Karm Abou Salem ,hence, going first through Israel. Civilians need visa , if you meant that Egypt should cancel the visas for palestinians that's another debate..

      - Outlaw bedouins have been always connected to human/drugs/arms smuglers which unfortunatly are linked to israeli/palestinian sides ( this is the plane truth ) and now we should see who is the benifitiary from this UNREST status in Sinai and you will know who is moving the puppets ..


  7. Deb from Arizona7/31/2012 03:49:00 AM

    Good job Zee, you are tops, first in the blogging world! :)

    Deb from Arizona, USA.

    Have a nice vacation.

  8. I dread to think what will happen in Syria if the Ameri/Israeli bandits have their way .. a repeat of Libya and the road wide open for Iran as next stop ..

    The Iranians will show you guys how to fight and how you should support each other well if the bandits go for Iran then they will crush Israel and you will see the Ark of Israel aka Dimona open WW3 with nuclear weapons ..

  9. some idiots wrote crap on this discussion. Obama and Nutty Yahu are the worst butchers of innocent people today.
    Russia and China should smash zionist bastards and protect Syria

    1. Obama and Netanyahu butcher others to protect their people. They dont butcher their own people to protect their position.

      el-Assad butcher his own people to protect his position.

  10. Dont know how these ships will influence Assad's fight against the rebels? Naive then is the word./

    The ships are there to ensure there will be no Nato Imposed No-fly-Zone.

    Why do you think US/Nato ONLY concentrated on Russia rather than China on the Syrian issue? it is not because of the UN but rather Russia says "NYet" and if the red line is crossed they will enter the war.

    Now can you tell me IF ANY Nato country dare to take on Russia at this moment of time when the Entire EU and US are in financial problems? You hear any such in Russia , China or even iran? No ...

    Fact .. Nato can never take on ready countries who can fight back and can ONLY fight with air force safe up in the air.

    Well if Chinese ships actually are there.... well that would in fact put the nail in the Hillary' plan to the coffin.

    Btw... dont be fooled. Assad is winning practically every fight in Syria and even Debka .. an israeli intellegence website has admitted that the rebel's war is lost.

    Well it is not that bad actually for the west for they planned to lose all along .Which right thinking general would think a bunch or bunches of rag tags gangs are able to take on a standing army well trained along Hezhbollah line by Iran and numbering 400,000 men ever ready to take on Israel to lose?

    Heck these rebels even now planned a new govt just because they managed to take a couple of border posts....

    A lot of misinfo going on... but facts are there and does not need any MSM lies... ie. hezbollah has not entered the battle yet. .or even Iran has not entered the battle yet waiting for any full scale foreign invasion like Turkey..
    Already Iran has warned Turkey.. any invasion of Syria will trigger the Iran Syria defence treaty.

    So how can Assad ever lose when most Syrians support him?

    Get real

  11. As Prof. Chossudovsky of Global Research once wrote, the western and Pan-Arab allies believe that the road to Tehran runs through Damascus.

    In order to topple Assad, the allies (alliance) have been doing their utmost to demonise him and his "regime". They have been sending non-Syrians into Damascus, Aleppo and Homs and other cities to do their dirty work for them (wanton massacres of innocent Syrians and destruction of property) and blaming Assad for it. Then they exploit the massacres by insisting that humanitarian intervention is needed to prevent further killing of innocent people. Then, robot-like, the western leaders keep on chanting, "Assad must must step down" OR "Assad has lost all legitimacy to rule" OR simply "Assad must go" OR "Get the hell out ASAP". What an effing joke!!!

    I find it incredible and incomprehensible that so many people swallow the alliance's propaganda and lies, hook-line-and-sinker.

    Come on people, face the raw facts!!! The Middle East and the Caspian sea area are rich in oil and minerals which the west need very badly in on order to survive. As Henry Kissinger once said, "the nation that controls the world's fuel, controls the world." The west is now bankrupt. Just take a good look at the European and American banking crises and stock markets and you can see why western countries are desperate. The US, in particular, is fearful of the rising power of China and the resurgent power of Russia. So, the west, in its collective bid to stay on top, is making desperate efforts to destabilise Syria, dismember it, and thereby pave the way to war with Iran, control the oil resources and thereby maintain global dominance.

    Of course, the west can try their damnedest best. But will they succeed? Time will tell.

    Behind all the troubles the world is facing is Israel aka Israhell. Western leaders are controlled by the Zionists. They need the latter's support (money and media support) to get elected and stay in power. Needless to say, they are corrupt, dishonourable and dishonest, hypocritical and and immoral. Obama is an excellent case in point, and so is presidential hopeful Mitt R. who has just gone grovelling to Israel for support. How shameful and disgraceful! Politicians in general these days are psychopaths or psychopaths in the making. They are unconcerned about sending troops to their deaths and killing innocent people and wrecking their country's economy so long as they stay on top and keep mouthing some humanitarian-sounding excuses to "justify" their action.

    You don't have to agree with me. But always remember this:
    A person convinced against his/her will, is of the same opinion still.

    1. Sure, the revolutions in Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt and Syria are all Israel's fault.

      It cannt be that the people in those countries were sick and tired of their situation and decided to make a change for a better future..., no it cannt be it, it must be the "Zionists"...

  12. Hi Zeinobia, very good journalistic investigation on your part. Congratulations to you for tracing most of the truth. Now I must disagree with your attitude toward the Politics of Syria. I am a South African in Johannesburg. I do not believe in the overthrow of regimes by hired mercenaries or people who do not belong to that nation. That actions of America in Iraq and Afghanistan are examples. If The people of Syria want a regime change, they must do it themselves without aid of outside assistance. Egypt did it,so why not Syria. Anyone else taking part in a civil war is a demon and enemy of mankind. I wish peace to return to Syria as soon as possible, whatever the true citizens of Syria want.

  13. Yes, let Russia and China smash the NATO/USA Mercenary alliance. Otherwise, you did a good journalist's work. Now enjoy you vacation.
    Johannesburg, South Africa

  14. Quite obviously, the "anonymous" who wrote,
    "Sure, the revolutions in Tunisia, Lybia, Egypt and Syria are all Israel's fault",
    is being naive or he/she pretends to be so.

    To be sure, there were natural or indigenous problems in the countries he mentioned but he obviously did not realise the conditions for the so-called Arab Spring had been laid by the west a very long time ago. If the west is sincere about helping those people, it would not have fomented trouble or stirred up "shit" in those countries. The west could have gone into those places and offered help in more ways than one and smoothed things out for all parties concerned. However, instead of doing that, it chose to intervene by means of their so-called humanitarian approach which is the prelude to making those same resources-rich countries client-states of the Zionist-controlled west and denying the resources to an ascendant China and a resurgent Russia.

    Take a look at Libya. Muamar Gadhafi did a lot for his country and shared his country's oil-wealth with his people and made Libya perhaps the most advanced country next to Egypt in N. Africa. Despite this, Gadhafi was demonised big time, and trouble makers were recruited and foreign troops were flown in or parachuted in
    to kill and destroy Gadhafi loyalists in the name of humanitarian salvation for Libyans. What a effing joke!!!
    IMO, Gadhafi was killed because he was a very charismatic, independent and progressive leader who could transform his oil-rich and water-rich (underground water from the Sahara) country into the #1 country of the African continent and create a United States of Africa. Furthermore, Libya is the only African country that is not beholden to the IMF and is not a client state .

    But, mind out, even with the much-hated and envied Gadhafi killed and Tripoli taken over by
    the pro-west government, Libya is still a strife-torn country and civil war rages on. To be sure, the humanitarian "cure" turned out to be worse than the "disease" if ever there was a disease. Now the west is happy with siphoning off Libya's oil wealth and is not interested in helping Libya succeed as a state.

    The Libya story is a clear illustration of the dishonesty, hyprocrisy and immorality of the Zionist-West. If ever Syria falls, history will repeat itself. The Zonist-controlled West is bankrupt and is too busy attempting to save itself at the expense of resource-rich countries.

    1. So, you're saying that the Arab people couldnt have planned the revolts against the dictators by themselves? It was all planned and designed by the "West" and the "Zionists"?

    2. I did not say that.
      In any country there always exist dissenters and the opposition.

      Likewise in Arab countries there exist dissenters and the opposition. What is despicable about the Zionist-controlled West is that, instead of helping to bring about peace for all, they stoked the fires of dissent and rebellion and created false propaganda against the so-called dictators they were targeting as their victims. The dictators were made to look far, far worse than tey really were. They did their dirty work often by overt and covert means, taking advantage of the fact that many people do not bother to think or cannot think for themselves. In course of time, they intervene for so-called "humanitarian" reasons, eventually making the targeted state a client state so that its resources could be siphoned away and denied to Russia and China.

      Please note that the countries targeted are, more often than not, resource-rich states.
      By the way, you will do well to read John Perkins'
      "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" to give you some insights into how the predators in the west exploit the resource-rich countries.

  15. I think I will bookmark your blog!

  16. However, a military source denied allegations that the Chinese ship was carrying weapons to Syria saying it was loaded with regular commodities and heading to Ukraine, not Syria.

  17. "Assad's Evil ass "? ? ?

    You are another braindead Arab FOOL who beleives the CNN Aljazerra zionist LIES about Assad.

    No doubt you also beleived the lies about Ghaddafi, and what is your reward? EGYPT's WESTER border is now in Zionist hands.



    He is the only Arab other than Ghaddafi to resist Zionism. see the picture?

    You think you know the truth because u heard some libyans on twitter saying Ghaddafi was bad. you are a fucking fool DONKEY

    Your stupidty is going to lose us the Sinia and then the entire eastern delta to ISrael.

    Egyptians are starving in their own country because of morons like you. You are either another braindead arab, a out right traitor dis info agent, or so damn cowardly that you serve the jews for free.

    please kill yourself, for the sake of All EGYPT

  18. LOL, we have some real pieces of work posting here. Assad's a nice guy, Zionists control the West, yada yada yada. :)


    2. For your information and interest:

  19. Some interesting articles that provide food for thought:

    SYRIA --- Washington's Latest War Crime

    Major Media Admit Presence
    Of Foreign Fighters In Syria

    Canadians Protest Against Endless Wars as Western Backed Destabilization in Syria Threatens World Peace

  20. Oi vey, Jason is so clueless !!! ROFLMAO !!!

  21. Haha. The mask slips. I have never seen anyone seriously recommend Stormfront before. Hilarious!

    1. Oy vey !

      The truth hurts like gangbusters, doesn't it?


  22. Jason may LOL and haha all he wants. Maybe that is all he is good for.

    Jason never saw anyone seriously recommend Stormfront before? That is because he presumes he knows it all and does not bother to read enough or he is simply ignorant, that is, he does not know that he does not know.

    Jason will do well to refute the veracity of the article from

  23. Zeinobia, what do you think of Stormfront? Do you agree with your readers who recommend it? Is it taken seriously in the Arab world?

    1. Jason,

      Be mindful that, there are merits and demerits in and to everything.

      Even if Stormfront is not taken seriously in the Arab World, it does not necessarily mean that it is to be condemned.

      The article I posted from Stormfront simply says that Zionists control the west (and by implication, the rest of the world). It is a well-documented article and factual.
      If Jason thinks it is suspect, he should refute the arguments and statements presented in that article. Stormfront, for all vileness attributed to it for its so-called white-supremacism, is right in calling a spade a spade. That article has considerable enlightenment value.
      I find it highly informative and edifying.

  24. Really this is quite shocking. In the West the political Left is traditionally seen as the ally of the Palestinians in the conflict with Israel. The revelation that Stormfront is a partner in that alliance will not play well with mainstream Western audiences of the Left or the Right, and I hope it is untrue. I hope you will disavow Stormfront, Zeinobia. I am a fan of Egyptian Chronicles and have had agreements and disagreements with you, but supporting Stormfront is beyond the pale. "White Pride World Wide"? That's your thing? Who would have guessed.

    1. Jason's opinion is just his opinion only and it amounts to nothing in light of the following article and the reminder following it !

      Will Israel Be The Next World Power?

      In case you have forgotten, read the article again in

  25. "White Pride World Wide"? Zeinobia, what are you thinking? Are you even White? No. For fuck's sake.

  26. Neither Obama nor Romney would touch Stormfront with a ten-foot pole, of that you can be sure.

    1. You wrote: "Neither Obama nor Romney would touch Stormfront with a ten-foot pole, of that you can be sure."

      Hahaha! If true I am not surprised. You see, they are standing for election to become the POTUS (Prez Of The USA) and they damned well know where their bread is buttered on. In every election year, POTUS candidates make the compulsory trip to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, don the yarmulke cap and grovel before the Power That Be for support. In case you have forgotten, Mitt Romney was at the Wailing Wall last week. More than anything else, this shows that Zionists control Amerika !!! and Stormfront is right on spot on !

      As I mentioned before, American politicians (and for that matter, European politicians) are dishonest and dishonourable, unscrupulous,hypocritical and immoral, and they are very often psychopaths/sociopaths (or same in the making). So, they will always play their cards right, doing their utmost to please the Power That Be (Zionists).
      For sure, they are Zionist ass-kissers and foot-kissers and boot-lickers !!!

    2. Why neither Obama nor Romney would touch Stormfront with a ten-foot pole?

      It is because of Jewry's total control of Amerika!

  27. To all readers:

    Please be informed: A war will most likely engulf the entire Middle East, perhaps sooner than later. WHY? Because the Zionist-controlled West is striving for full-spectrum world dominance! Also, as the West is now bankrupt, it seeks to revive its economy by going to war. Recall that it was WW1 & WW2 that enabled the US and Europe to recover from their economic and financial crises. Note that for one thing, during war time, manufacturing of war materiél, food and other necessities of life are greatly enhanced and employment will be in full swing!

    Oh, and by the way, Professor M. Chossudovsky is recommending the following link,

    to be disseminated so that many people will be forewarned.......

  28. This whole thread is shameful, shocking and appalling.

    1. Jason,

      It is shameful, shocking and appalling only in your wildest dreams. You seem to be either a very ignorant or a terribly uninformed fellow or you are an arrant Zionist shill !

      If you are not a shill, then it is high time that you became educated and enlightened as to why the Middle East (Syria in particular) is beset with horrendous problems and military strife, thanks to the Zionists (hahaha!). Hopefully, the link below will help you understand. If your attention span is short, then just read the one page summary from the link below:

      Happy reading !

    2. Perhaps you will find the following article very interesting and informative:

      Israel survives on threats of war: Analyst
      Sun Aug 19, 2012 5:48PM GMT
      A military analyst says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s arrogance has isolated the Zionist Israeli regime, adding that Tel Aviv can no longer survive without threats of war.

      “His (Netanyahu’s) ‘hubris’ has buried Israel, backed them into a corner where … threats of war may be the only way the extremist government can stay in power,” Gordon Duff wrote in an article on the Press TV website.

      “The more unpopular Netanyahu gets, the more extreme and irresponsible his rhetoric and the more wild and conspiratorial his manipulation of press assets within the United States becomes,” he added.

      Duff said Netanyahu’s loss of popularity is not restricted to the Israelis, but extends to the American Jews, as testified by a recent poll.

      “Then we learned in a recent poll that only 4 percent of American Jews feel Iran is a threat of any kind. What that fails to mention is that the other 96 percent must believe something else, like Netanyahu is lying and that any additional illegal war in the Middle East will not receive support, not from them, not from other Americans.”

      Earlier this week, Israeli opposition leader Shaul Mofaz criticized Netanyahu for seeking expanded authority in a bid to overcome security leaders’ opposition to an attack on Iran.

      The Israeli cabinet had on Sunday approved the expansion of prime minister’s powers in the decision-making process after several changes were made to the cabinet’s protocol for the first time.

      Tel Aviv has recently intensified threats of a military strike on Iran's nuclear energy facilities, alleging the program may be militarized.

      Iranian officials have denied the allegations, promising a crushing response to any military strike against the country and warning that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East.

      Duff said should Tel Aviv launch a war against Iran, Israel’s missile defense system will not be able to withstand the barrage of “extremely advanced” and “deadly accurate” Iranian missiles.

      “He (Netanyahu) is already counting the dead from a war he is incapable of even starting,” he said.

      “How far can he go beyond this before totally destroying any credibility and good standing Israel may have left, even among the allies who had previously ignored Israel’s apartheid police state they claim is the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’.”


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