Monday, July 2, 2012

Someone needs to look after his job

And once again Dhahi Khalfan rants on his twitter account and creates a new diplomatic crisis between Egypt and UAE !!
The Dubai Police chief opened his fire against the new Egyptian president crossing all the lines of protocols and considerations of his position as an important official in another country that got relations with Egypt. Khalfan hates the Muslim brotherhood so  much , we know that from twitter war which caused a diplomatic crisis from couple of months ago between Egypt and UAE.
As soon as Morsi was announced as the new president of Egypt , we found slamming him and the Muslim brotherhood. The big insult came when he posted allegedly a tweet saying the following :
Morsi will crawl on his knees begging for money in Gulf
To be honest I could not find that tweet as some say it was deleted as soon as the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs summoned the Emirati ambassador in Cairo from two days ago. Still I have read other insulting tweets about how Morsi should liberate Al Quds ASAP in reference to the stupid claims of Safwat Hegazy that Al Quds will be the the capital of the United Arab States. That tweet made many Egyptians remind him with the Emirati islands occupied by Iran.
Many Egyptians felt insulted even those that did not elect Morsi , he is insulting now the head of state.
Officially UAE denied that the opinions of Khalfan were its official position , in fact Khalfan told BBC that he was representing himself online only. Gulf news also claimed that UAE was going to officially to issue a statement regarding Dubai’s police Chief.
Up till now moment according to my knowledge UAE has not issued anything but tomorrow the ruler of Dubai will send his political advisor to Cairo to apologize officially.
Now Khalfan claims that he received not less than 1500 threatening calls in the past few days from the Muslim brotherhood.To be honest yesterday I found Egyptian tweeps spreading what they believed his phone number in Dubai.
I got over 2000 threatening calls in less than 72 hours , no doubt that the thuggery of MB excelled the thuggery of Habib El Adly
P.S Habib El Adly is convicted of Corruption and his state security is accused of human rights crimes. Khalfan has never respected or recognized the #Jan25 revolution or any other revolution in the Arab world “except the Syrian one because it will harm Iran” , the Arab Las Vegas police chief believed that the Arab revolutions were actually foreign plots by the US !! Ironically his country has very strong relations with the US and he never has the guts to discuss the American army bases in the region.
Some Egyptians are wondering if Khalfan’s rants have to do anything with the fact that both Omar Soliman and Ahmed Shafik are in Abu Dhabi currently and how the regime in UAE does not welcome the revolution.
Just like Khalfan reminds the Muslim brotherhood members on how the founder of their group Sheikh Hassan El Bana allegedly kissed the hand of King Abdel Aziz Al Soud , the Egyptians in Social media networks shared the photos on how the Gulf leaders used to kiss the hand of King Farouk.

Followers of Hassan El Bana, kiss the hands of your masters , as your master Hassan El Bana May Allah bless his soul had done !!
 You do not miss with Egyptians easily.
Strangely many of Shafik’s supporters are so happy  with what Khalfan said in his rants about Morsi despite they attacked other Arabs who criticized SCAF and Shafik including journalists like Faisal El Kassem and our friends like Dima El Khatib !!
The big irony many of those Shafik supporters can not stomach Arabs and are insulted if they are considered Arabs !! They do not even care how ignorantly Khalfan claimed that the Arabs from the Gulf brought Islam in to Egypt “actually they were from Mecca” !!
Anyhow there is no wonder that Khalfan won popularity and fame in the Arab world with his fiascos as the Police chief in Dubai. The world knew his name for the first time after the gruesome murder of Suzanne Tamim and the circus that followed it in Cairo with all the political , economic as well scandalous jazz in Egyptian media. The second time the world would hear from him was during the famous Mabhouh affair when he suddenly and amazingly found that Mossad killed the leading member of Hamas under his nose.
Speaking seriously no wonder Dubai is a hot spot for human trafficking when its police chief left all what he is doing and focusing on a political group in another country 24/7 on twitter !!
Well I expect more of murders and assassinations in Dubai as long Khalfan is neglecting his job and focusing in the internal issues of Egypt and ranting 24/7 about the plots of Muslim brotherhood to control the Gulf on twitter !!


Dhahi Khalfan is going to have a vacation from twitter till the end of the holy month of Ramadan Winking smile
Dhahi will quit twitter till the end of Ramadan


  1. @Zeinobia, The solving of the two murder cases in Dubai were a spectacular police work and I wish Egypt has someone like Dhahi Khalfan to be our chief of police. As for insulting the Muslim brotherhood and president Morsi, time will only tell if he is right or wrong and I hope he is wrong for the sake of Egypt and Egyptians.

  2. Actually the Mosad case was not handled by Dubai Police at all. But by UAE intelligence with "assistance" from other parties. Dubai Police just took credit for it, and presented it to the media.

  3. Ramadan kareem :)


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