Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : Another Egyptian journalist detained while doing her job "Updated"

Shimaa Adel 
Just from short time ago it was announced that Journalist Shimaa Adel from Al Watan newspaper has been arrested and detained by Sudanese regime while covering protests tonight in Sudan.
Updated : Shimaa Adel was released after the intervention of the Egyptian embassy and ministry of foreign affairs. Adel was detained and interrogated by the NISS. I do not know what happened to the other Sudanese journalists. 
Shimaa is considered a veteran journalist when it comes to the Arab spring coverage , she covered the Libyan revolution and covered the Syrian revolution where she was injured.
I envy Shimaa honestly for her bravery to cover areas and conflicts , I hope she returns soon.
Adel was arrested along with Sudanese journalists who were with her including a young journalist called Marwa.
Sudanese activists are planning to have a protest in solidarity with Sudanese journalists. The protests already are spreading day and night in Sudan and nobody is paying attention
Shimaa is the second Egyptian journalist to be detained in Khartoum after dear friend Salma Al Wardany. I know that the Egyptian embassy will stand with Shimaa till she returns safe back home.
I met dear Salma Al Wardany after her return safely to Cairo and she told me that she is afraid that with the lack of the international press coverage to the on going protests in the country , this movement can be dispersed brutally by El Bashir regime.
The foreign correspondents in Sudan are afraid to cover the truth and the on going protests in there for political and diplomatic reasons as far as I told , the only one that broke that rule was dear Salma Al Wardany and she was deported.

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