Saturday, July 14, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : The granddaughters of #Kandaka Revolt

Last Friday hundreds of Sudanese continued to protest in several towns and areas against El Bashir regime and tens of activists and protesters including many women have been arrested by security forces.
Among the detainees of yesterday protesters 19 years old Khalda Mohamed
Release the detainees
Already the protests yesterday in Wadi Nabawi , Omdurman were led by women activists , it was not strange thing after all when that Friday protest is called Kandaka Friday. It was dedicated to women in Sudan and their suffering.
Kandaka is the title name of the Sudanese  queens that stood against foreign invaders , it is powerful name and it symbolizes how ladies of Sudan are now taking the stand against El Bashir regime after years of oppression. It means in the Cushitic language the Strong woman
The security forces used tear gas grenades that according to protesters are turning from bad to worse. Many protesters from women were badly beaten by security forces.
Kandake protest in Omdurman
Kandaka protest in Wadi Nadawi
You can see more photos here.
On the other hand back in Cairo protesters will be have a candle vigil in front of the Sudanese embassy demanding her immediate release instead of waiting till Monday. Shaimaa’s mom is still having a sit in in front of the Sudanese embassy insisting to continue her food strike despite her bad health condition.I do not know really why she is not released immediately !! “Photo by Mohamed El Garhey

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