Thursday, July 5, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : Shaimaa Adel is still detained

Egyptian journalist Shaima Adel of Al Watan Daily newspaper is still detained according to Sudanese and Egyptian activists by Sudanese security despite the announcement of the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs that she was released and will return to Cairo.

She has been detained so far for nearly 3 days !!

I am so worried because now Sudanese activists who have been released after extensive interrogation and intimidation. Activist Youssef El Mahdi posted a very worrying account on his detention also on what is taking place in Sudan and being ignored in the international and regional mainstream. Blogger and tweep Maha El Senoussi also posted her experience in detention.
There are activists who have reported that during their detention , they witnessed other detained protesters badly injured which means these protesters and activists are being tortured !!

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