Sunday, July 15, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : Shaimaa will return with Morsi while Sudanese detainees still suffer

Sudanese president Omar El Bashir has ordered the release of the Egyptian journalist Shaimaa Adel after his meeting with president Morsi during the African summit in Addis Abba.

According to the official FB page of Morsi , Shaimaa will return back to Cairo with him on the presidential airplane tomorrow Monday. It is worth to mention that the Sudanese ambassador in Cairo declared on Thursday that Shaimaa will return to Cairo by Monday. Despite the great news , Shaimaa’s mom is insisting on breaking her food strike except when she sees her daughter in front of her.

Now despite all those days Shaimaa suffered from , it is nothing compared like the suffering thousands of protesters and activists in Sudan suffer on daily basis on the hands of their own government and security forces in detention. According to activists in Sudan not less than 2,000 protester and activist have been arrested since last June 16th ,2012 from men and women , from teenagers to elderly , from famous activists like Osama to protesters who do not have a twitter account.

Here is a video showing activist and mother Zeinab Bader El Din speaking about the detention of her son Mohamed Salah whom she does not understand why he arrested and taken from his family in that way when they are corrupted thieves who caused suffering for the Sudanese people.

Khartoum : Zeinab Bader El Din speaks about her son.

Mrs. Bader El Din plead the security forces to stand with the people and not with the regime. I do not know but I highly doubt that they will listen to her.

I admire so much , the courage of Sudanese women in this uprising , it is great.

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  1. This woman says the was raped by the Sudanese security forces. However the incident happened some months ago (on Jan 30):



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