Thursday, July 12, 2012

#Sudan Revolts : Waiting for the Intelligence intervention to Free Shaimaa !!

Freedom for Shaimaa Adel by Mona Abdel Rahman 
11 days now and Shaimaa Adel has been released and we have not heard any good news from Khartoum regarding her case.
During the short visit of the Sudanese Vice-president to Cairo , former Presidential candidates Abu El Fotouh , Hamdeen and Moussa raised her issue and demanded her immediate release. Egyptian political parties like Al Wafd also demanded her release but what Egyptians got from the VIP Sudanese guest are just broken promises because Adel has not been released.
Already now officially and frankly we know in the media that Shaimaa will be released if the General and military intelligence interfere !! Forget the ministry of foreign affairs , it is no use to protest in front of it after !! I am waiting to see what the intelligence will do.
At the same time we are waiting for the intelligence’s intelligence , Shaimaa’s mother has started a hunger strike outside the Sudanese embassy in Cairo where she documented this strike at the Garden city police station. There is also a group of journalists who announced that they will start a hunger in solidarity with Mrs. Adel.
under the tent at the sit in with Shaimaa's mom
By Amira Al Tahawy

Mrs. Adel has already started also a sit in outside the embassy till Shaimaa is released. Last night  famous journalists Hussein Abdel Ghanay and Naglaa Bedair.
Mrs. Adel with famous TV host Hussein Abdel Ghanay
By Amira Al Tahawy 
I know I have not been able to cover the Sudan revolts protest but the case of Shaimaa is making me extremely angry on many levels.
Needless to mention the case of Shaimaa as well the case of Ahmed El Gizawy are making many Egyptians angry from Morsi as they wonder about the lost dignity of Egyptians abroad.

Updated : 

Ok important news alert !
The Sudanese ambassador in Cairo met Mrs. Adel from couple of hours ago at the embassy in Garden City and Mrs. Adel was able to speak to Shaimaa on the phone for few minutes where she told her that she was treated well asking her at the same time to end her hunger strike.
Now the Sudanese ambassador announced to the media that Shaimaa will be released and deported from Sudan safely to Cairo by next Monday."Do not even ask why she has to wait till next Monday"
Here is a photo showing Shaimaa with other Sudanese women activists who have been arrested in the past few weeks.
Beautiful brave Sudanese ladies
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