Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And we killed the martyrs again In their funeral !!

Today was the funeral of 16 Egyptian young men , from our officers and soldiers , from the borders guards that were killed in cold blood last Sunday on our borders with Israel. Today we were supposed to give our martyrs , those 16 young men an honorable funeral but instead we killed them again in their funeral in the coldest way ever. There were bad scenes that should not be seen in civilized society let alone a society like the Egyptian we claim to respect the dead and to unite in hard times.
The funeral


Instead of being united and raise above our differences , the funeral turned in to a political statement against the Muslim brotherhood and the democratically elected president Morsi throughout the funeral by Okasha , Abu Hamed and Bakry supporters from the Pro-SCAF and Pro-Mubarak using the army and the martyrs.
Morsi leave !!

Scene#2 :

The absence of President Morsi, the supreme commander of armed forces from the funeral of his officers and soldiers , the biggest sin he has ever committed in his month and couple of weeks rule. There is no good or enough justification for this horrible sin when it comes to his image in the eyes of the public. There are two justifications the presidency presented for Morsi's absence :
Morsi visiting injured soldiers "Reuters"
  1. He visited the injured soldiers at the military hospital in Kooba and could not come because of the terrible traffic jam down town Cairo. 
  2. He wanted it to be popular funeral where people are free to express themselves without the presidential security restrictions. 
He is weakening himself by his decision.He is losing the public as well  Already now people are saying that he was afraid to go for fear to be attacked by his opponents despite he is the president who got the presidential guards in his side. I believe he should have gone because those big mouths would dare to throw him with shoes like the prime minister in the end of the day , he should have gone because if he were attacked the Egyptians who look high to the position of the president as the symbol of Egypt will not accept this. Now he is losing more support , more sympathy from the people. He is insisting to show himself as a weak president who does not even fight to get more powers.


The Prime minister , Hisham Kandeel was attacked by shoes while leaving Al Rashdan mosque running to his car quickly without wearing his shoes. Kandeel is widely believed to be an Islamist and he is but contrary to what the media is spreading anyone who knows the fact that he was responsible for the Nile basin countries file for year , you will recognize the fact that he is the GIS man not the MB man. The Intelligence is responsible for the Nile basin countries file from A to Z already.
Kandeel's escape
Former Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh was attacked by bottles and forced to leave the funeral at the Unknown solider memorial because he was ex-MB. Abu El Fotouh denied the assault on twitter.
Salafist Al Nour Party spokesperson Nader Bakr was assaulted by angry mourners in the funeral , only saved by army officers. He vowed online to accuse Tawfik Okasha of inciting hate that led to that attack.
Activist Asamaa Mahfouz was insulted verbally in the funeral.

Activist Ahmed Abu Douma was attacked and only saved by few MB youth. Abu Douma is not popular among many groups because he confessed that he threw Molotov cocktails at the army during the cabinet HQ clashes in November 2011.
Activist Ahmed Harara was reportedly attacked and was only saved by few MB youth
This is not a funeral to pay respect to fallen soldiers but rather ugly circus !!


No revolutionary powers or parties or icons or groups except the names I mentioned above participated in the funeral leaving it to the Pro-SCAF and Pro-Former regime supporters. From the revolutionary icons we found Abu El Fotouh and Hamdeen Sabbahi as well Sheikh Hafez Salama. No revolutionary youth icons bothered to go to attend the funeral and pay respect.


The absence of the Muslim brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party in the funeral was noticeable. They should have been there to prove that they are part of the society , to defend themselves against the growing accusations that as Islamists they are responsible for the attack.
Our martyrs' blood is the responsibility of Hamas and MB


Former MP and the man for all seasons , the man who considered Saddam as a hero Mostafa Bakry says to bunch of his supporters that he will become the next President of Egypt.
Bakry man wants to be a president !!
Tawfik Okasha , the faithful servant of SCAF was there too with his supporters. Yesterday Okasha threatened to kill Morsi if he came to the funeral. Now it seems that Morsi is afraid from Okasha !!

The supporters of Okasha burned what they thought to be the Palestinian flag yesterday while it was the Kuwaiti flag !!


The Egyptian National TV veteran correspondent Khairy Hassan said that President Morsi was attending the funeral and trying to hold back his tears !! As you know Morsi did not show up !! 
The veteran correspondent was reading from a paper !! 

This is how the media is in Egypt. 
This is how the funeral for their 16 soldiers and officers looked like , this is the breakdown.

The Finale : After tens days Eid will come and most people including the rulers from Morsi, generals, political powers as well public will forget the 16 military martyrs just like the rests of the martyrs killed since January 26,2011. Only their families and their beloved will remember them and the rest will forget them in the same way they will forget something call #Jan25.


  1. MB &Hamas are not meant to govern or exercise good protocol to demonstrate respect and dignity to average citizens/army officers. Those parties follow their initiators and fund raisers (US, Salafis & UK& Israel). Don't expect them to demonstrate to Egyptians clear political agenda.

    1. To say that Israel is behind Hamas and the Muslim Brothers is an insult to the intelligence of the Egyptians. Maybe "anonymous" did not notice that the Brothers accused Israel yesterday and sent demonstrators to protest the presence of the Israeli ambassador?

  2. If Egyptians want to use clear glasses to see through the real MB,s, they can ask the MB(including Morsi of course), what are their 4-5 yrs plans for egypt re; jobs, education, health-care, security of all citizens (regardless to their religion),..etc. those are the things that define governing, where are the MB wrt to them??? Talking, making speaches, reciting verses from the Quoran are not what define governing. Acceptable plans, sustainable executions and stability to all Egyptians, that is governing. I don'tthink or believe the MB understand this language.

  3. Finally Egyptians are starting to realize that Morsi is too stupid and incompetent to be president and that the Muslim Brotherhood has brought nothing but trouble to Egypt. I hope they keep making mistakes and losing popular support. Egypt is better than them!


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