Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#Homs ; The warzone in photos

If someone from outer space came to earth and landed in the city of Homs , that E.T will not believe that there was a revolution in the country. That E.T would believe that there is war in Homs between the locals and some foreign invaders not even what once was believed to be their army !!
These photos are from the month of July 2012 from the city of Homs by the fantastic anonymous team of Lens Young Homsi on Facebook.
I have got no comment , except that this is fucking warzone !!
By the way , I think UNESCO should pay attention because the Old historical of Homs is damaged as well lots of the ancient mosques and Churches in the old cities.
“Lens Young Homsi” FB’s photos should be documented in some book like “Messages from Tahrir” ,I do not know if AUC or AUB will be interested in publishing a pictorial book about Homs , the warzone !!
These photos should be posted in Flickr not Facebook for God sake in order whole world would see it.


  1. The question is where is the Arab league?

  2. deb from Arizona8/02/2012 07:26:00 AM

    I posted quite a few on FB. Can't say it will help or that anyone cares however.

    I do.

  3. The US and NATO should have stayed out of this very small uprising in Syria and it would have died out. The people were not with the FSA and now as usual the USA and it's allies made ANOTHER blunder backing the wrong horse.
    If anyone is to be blamed for Homs and all the other devastation it should be the US Saudi and Qatari backed AQ rebels who now want their Islamic Wahabi caliphate. Bloggers and media are to blame also for their part in reporting unverified photos and unverified statements from unverified sources.
    At the end of the day it's the poor Syrian people who suffer for the total idiocy of the USA and it's inability to do anything right in the world and for allowing Saudi Wahabi freaks to run riot all over the region!!!!! including the Salafist scourge on humanity we are seeing now rise from their caves in Egypt!


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