Saturday, September 29, 2012

and unfortunately this front page will be always remember in the history of Al Akhbar !!

This is the front Page of Daily Al Akbar on Friday and its headlines said the following :
Splits threat Al Nour Party .. and Bakkar gets married !!

I understand why the splits of Al Nour party should be a front page headline and issue but I have not got the slightest idea on why Nader Bakkar’s marriage would be a front page item at all or his photo along his bride on the first page !?? Nader Bakkar is/was “it is up to which front we are speaking about in Al Nour” the official spokesperson.This is not the society page for God sake !!
Bakkar’s marriage is only relevant to the topic in a very small way. He is married the daughter of Bassam El Razaqa , a leading figure in the Salafist calling “Borhami’s front” and that he married on the same day Abdel Ghafur fired him from his position as official spokesperson of the party.
Bakkar is not the Prince of Upper Egypt or the King of Egypt last time I checked as the only man I can recall to have his wedding’s photos posted in the Front page was King Farouk along with his family pre-1952 !!!!!
Unfortunately this front page will be recorded in the history of Al Akhbar as one of the worst front pages ever !!
This is a state-owned newspaper which means it is funded by the taxpayers’ money.
BY the way I do not like what is taking place in Al Akhbar Al Youm press organization , I mean I do not get how Akhbar Al Adab claimed in its issue last week that Karl Marx converted to Islam before his death in a huge insult to the readers and their knowledge !!


  1. I disagree Zeinobia. I think that photo is a great idea for the front page. Everyone should see what clowns these salafists are having a woman dressed like a ghost in a haunted house!

  2. But Middle Eastern, and Egyptian Women gave them the rights to use them and abuse them in the name of Islam. In realities poor Egyptian families, are affraid their daughters won't find a husband unless acted like that. So they program them in the name of religion. And society as a whole in Egypt mixes 'believing' and 'Belonging '....!!!


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