Sunday, September 30, 2012

#Syria : And history is being destroyed now

The people of Aleppo are not asking the world to save them anyone , they lost hope in the people but they are asking the world to save their history. The fight now between the Free Syrian Army and Syrian Arab army is in the old Aleppo which has been declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The people are asking the world to press both fighting parties to move outside this year.
Already many sections of Al Madina souq was destroyed in the fight. Allegedly 600 to 1000 shops are in that soup.
ِA photo taken on 22/9 showing Souq al Ebe
Here are also collection of videos filmed last week showing the amount of destruction in the old souqs

On 21/9 Souq Mwazin

On 21/9 Souq Al Madina
On 29/9 Souq Al Madina on fire
There are modest attempts to save Syria’s heritage. Tomorrow an emergency meeting will be held at Cairo university to discuss how protect the Syrian history heritage under the auspices of Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) bureau in Egypt and Egypt’s Ministry of State for Antiquities.
A Syrian tweep summarized what is happening in Aleppo in very few sad words
The only thing remained for us after the murder of our people is our history and it is being destroyed now. 


  1. It's a time the Arab countries take a real leadership in this issue.

    Morsy has said Assad should go, but didn't give any means to force Assad out. Morsy should either: support opposition FSA/Other activists with something tangible like weapons and money; or keep pressuring vocally the Iran and Russia the two main pillars who keep Assad in power.

  2. The honest reply to this catastrophe may not be what people want to hear but it is the truth.
    IF people had not fallen for the US NATO Qatar Saudi propaganda machine, the incessant biased media coverage, the 24/7 bloggers spinning out the story and left the few hundred protesters to their own devices the whole thing would have fizzled out because as we all know the protesters were tiny in number. It's only because of intense media pressure and stupid people falling for it yet again that it grew into a civil war.
    If anyone is to blame it is each and every person that supported a few hundred in Homs and ignored the millions of Syrians who had no problem with Syria the way it was. The blame rests on your heads all you who cried and yelled and screamed for rebels to fight. Dont believe me? Just go back and check the timeline. The only sane sensible ones were and still are the Russians and Chinese because they as well as myself have been saying all along that you are being duped into believing the media machine. This is not about democracy and never was. This is about oil pipeline from the Gulf to the Med and with Assad out of the way it is made a lot easier. Thats what this is really all about and weakening Iran the only country with the guts to stand up and support the Palestinians! The only freaking one to shout loud in their support and the only one today in the crosshairs of the next disaster which will be caused by Israel. Will you never learn!


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