Sunday, September 16, 2012

#Syria Revolts : A Message to the Russian People

I wanted to post this earlier but as you know I could not thanks to that on going offensive film saga !!
Syrian cosmonaut Mohamed Faris released a video statement as a renowned public figure in Syria addressing the army, pilots , rebels , El Assad regime and Russian people. I found this video online 12/9 so you can imagine why I did not post it.
Faris sends several messages in this 2 minutes:
  • To the Syrian Arab Army : To stop killing the people and stand with them.
  • To the Syrian Arab Air forces : To stop their raids against their own people
  • To El Assad regime : Just leave
  • To the Free Syrian army and the Syrian people : To continue their struggle for freedoms and he is already one of them.
  • To the Russian people : “I lived with you years ,I know how much you were looking for freedom. Please stand with Syrians”
Mohamed Faris in 1987
Faris went to the space among a Syrian Soviet program. He was staying in Russia for two years where he was trained for his big space moment. On 22 July 1987 he was on the board of Soyuz TM-3 heading to Mir station where he stayed for nearly 8 days before heading back to earth.
One of his children is named Mir after the Mir Space channel.
I do not think that someone spoke to the Russian people directly from Syria.I hope that this can be featured in Russian media ,at least the Russian independent media.
Faris fled to Turkey last August 2012 where he announced his defection from the Syrian air forces. In statements to Okaz Saudi newspaper , the former Cosmonaut revealed that he tried to defect 4 times before the FSA managed to get him out of Aleppo. Faris also stated to the Saudi newspaper that it were for him , he would go and bomb El Assad’s residence as air fighter. Interestingly he added that El Assad regime chooses the air fighters to bomb the rebellious cities based on sectarian basis and that most Sunni air fighters are being detained in air bases.
I wish to Faris play a bigger role in the future of Syria seriously.
Guys please make his message reach to the Russian people.


  1. Zeinobia, if you would transcribe his statement to English, I'll try to reupload the video with Russian captions.

    1. Great , I will work on the translation , thank you so much

    2. Here is it
      In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Mercifu.
      My brothers and my people in glorius Syria , the children of history and civilization, the grandchildren of Ummyads and Saladin and sons of El Kawakibi and Youssef El Azma. You gave a great example of heroism and scarfice with your revolution , may God bless your efforts and by God's will your victory will be soon enough.

      To the officers and soliders of Syria army by the name of thousands of our martyrs from children and women I demand you to stop spelling blood and killing. To the Eagles of the sky , we swore in to defend our people and not to kill it, to protect our land and country not to destroy it ,take the right decision and choose your people's side

      To the tryanny regime in Damacus , you are stuck in blood and you tried to spoil everything in beautiful Syria , leave leave.

      To the revolutionaries from our people and Free army , you presented scarfices which can not be described in words from presistence to save your people beyond any imagination , go forward and I am with. Insh Allah we will be victorious.

      TO the friendly Russain people , I spent years among you and I went to space in your companionship in the famous Soyuz trip , I know how much you were looking for freedom for all this , I ask you to stand with the Syrian people against its tryanny regime.

      May Allah bless our martyrs , free our prisoners and cure our injured, peace upon you.

    3. Here ( with English and here ( with Russian. I had to make the Russian captions in Moviemaker as Youtube was unable to recognize the encoding on the txt file. I'll work on improving the translation and timing.

  2. Why are the last nazi war criminals, like Alois Bruner, hiding in Syria? Nesselrode sent Porphy Uspensky to de-Hellenize the Antiochians which led to Michel Aflaq founding the Nazi Ba’ath party which is why ras-Putin hid Saddam’s WMD in Syria! Ohlig & Puim show Islamic extremism came from Syriac miaphysates, products of Chrysustolm trying to consummate the Channukah crimes of his Seleucid forefathers. (“Questioning is the subversion of faith” Homily I on I Timothy I- Such was the dark mind that led Justinian to abolish the universities and Olympics and bring on the plagues.) Ochrafuxy is the mother of Islam and bolshevism because they reject Aristotle in favor of Plato. We need a Christian Samaritania buffer state surrounding Israel. Just as we neutralized Greece during the Crimean and Cold wars, we need to give the Balkans back to the aboriginal Albanian Pelasgians to prevent soviet access to the straits. Iran and North Korea both share borders with Russia and are ras-Putin’s ploy to raise oil prices which is why we must fearlessly pursue the therminucular rapture against the magog’s attempt to destabilize the Saudis.

  3. Thank you for this post. To be sure most of Russians (but not all of them) are pro-Qaddafi, pro-Assad, pro-Saddam, pro-Iran. It may be sounds strange for you, but the point is that they are first of all anti-American. They hate your "Spring" and think that is American/ wahhabi conspiracy. They see Assad's Syria like "last barrier" before America devour Mother Russia. I posted Faris clip on Russian social networks with translation. All reactions are very negative. Some of them:

    He sold himself out and now licks American asses

    Why we did not throw him out from 'Mir" in 1987?

    Strip him from all medals and send him to mines, to Siberia! (Faris was given highest Russian military honors)

    We should send this baboon on the Moon. No tyranny there.

    I am sorry that it sounds extremely rude, but this how it is. They like their own petty clowns in Kremlin and other little and big monsters all around the world. 70 years of communist fascism was not for nothing

  4. One thing for sure, all this is about Russia and China.


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