Monday, October 1, 2012

A very late and modest honoring yet it is beautiful

The Morale department in the Egyptian armed forces has released a short documentary about late legendary beloved general Saad El Shazly on the anniversary of October 1973 war.
The documentary included very rare footage and photos I have not seen before. It also ignored his fight with Sadat and what happened later in his life.
Anyhow this 8 minutes documentary was better than this 1 hour crap produced by the GIS !!

After the return of El Shazly to Egypt and doing his sentence , he met with Chief of staff then Magdy Hatata asking him to meet with the commanders of the army then in order to share all his experience just in case in the future he will not be there.
El Shazly met with the commanders and Hatata and shared all what he believed those commanders need to know from his experience especially in 1973. I wonder if those commanders shared this info to the new commanders currently in control of the army. In fact I wonder if we have a new El Shazly at all.
He was scared that we would repeat his mistakes in wars once again.
In his last days sometimes he would be awake enough to understand what was going on. His daughter , pro-Revolutionary Shahdan told him about Tahrir square and our revolution.
El Shazly died on February 10,2011. At the same day he was buried in Egypt's land he vowed to protect Mubarak stepped down.
May Allah bless your soul El Shazly.
By the way did you know that Shahdan El Shazly , the daughter of the late general was the first and only Arab living woman to have a full training of paratroopers !?? Oh yes she did after all her late father was the founder of Egyptian paratroopers forces in 1954.
Shedwan with her dad
do not know the date but it is before 1967

p.s : El Shazly without mustache was more handsome.


  1. Dear Z.,

    I think his daughter name is Shahdan(شهدان الشاذلى) and not "Shedwan"

    Plz verify.
    And thanks so much for the post


    1. Thank you so much for correction , I mixed up her name with the name of the famous island and battle of Shedwan

  2. Very interesting thanks. Yes, I noticed too the name change.:) But I figured it out myself anyway. She was quite a woman, wasn't she. I suppose had her father's traits, some of them for perseverance and she looked up to him.

  3. He had great personality, charms, skills and broad smile.
    Now wars are history and for future we looking to guard peace.
    Great informative video.

  4. We miss people like him Saad eldin
    احنا محتاجين ظباط دلوقتي ذي سعد الدين الشاذلي


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