Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hey Girls , Your boyfriend in online now !!

Ali is online now 
Ok this is for all the girls who love the new official Spokesperson Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Ali , the army seems to hear my screams on twitter and decided to open for the official spokesperson an official twitter account : @Egyarmyspox.
Unfortunately his twitter account is only reposting his official Facebook Page’s official statement online , he does not rant on twitter like his Israeli counterpart Avichay Adraee.
I think many girls from his fan club will like see the personal photos of Ali like his birthday’s photos just like Avichay’s “ The poor Israeli guy shared his 30th birthday photos and all Egyptian Facebookers wished him a true happy fucking birthday literality”
I am not interested in fights between Avichay  and Military secrets agent man as the later always likes to brag that his news are more correct and faster than Avichay’s. I am waiting and interested in a military cat fight between Ali and Avichay , I mean official spokespersons fight on twitter !!      
Ok speaking seriously , this is not enough to communicate with the people. First of all we need a true website for the army not Facebook Pages for God sake , the Lebanese army got a better official website than our Egyptian armed forces’ official website that has not been updated for years now !!
Colonel Ahmed Ali should speak to the public through that twitter account for real and if you want my opinion as veteran social media user, the Egyptian armed forces should have an English twitter account too.                 


  1. Here Egypts police and army could start one like the British have

  2. He looks like Mr. Bean, ahahahaha!


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