Monday, October 22, 2012

#Kuwait : Who is Musallam Al Barrack ?

Al Barrack in Yesterday's protest
The name of Kuwaiti MP Musallam Al Barrack made headlines yesterday in Kuwait as one of the callers to the Nation's Dignity March. He has been arrested yesterday and is accused of insulting the Prince of Kuwait.
Al Barrack is a member of the popular action bloc in the Kuwaiti Parliament . A veteran MP , I see Al Barrack popular in his area as he got votes in the latest parliamentary elections more than any other MP in his district "30,118" in the history of Kuwaiti parliamentary elections.
From what I read in the past 48 hours I can not find any association with him and the Muslim brotherhood or Iran , the man seems to my Egyptian mindset as more of a reformist type. Al Barrack seems to defend public money and fights corruption in the government.
Kuwaiti Politicians and activists "We will not allow you" the famous chant heard in the Kuwaiti capital yesterday was actually inspired by Al Barrack's speech from couple of days ago in some gathering at the Well's public space. During the speech Al Barrack said "We will not allow you Prince"

Al Barrack was arrested and is currently being detained for 10 days pending investigations after he was accused of insulting Kuwait's prince !! Here is his twitter account

The popular action bloc is already considered socially conservative bloc made of tribal representatives in the Kuwaiti society. Already I am amazed that no one is speaking about the tribal role in the on going political crisis in Kuwait.
According to dear blogger and activist Mona Kareem the Popular Bloc is already accusing the government of being Pro-Iranian and they expelled from 4 years ago Shiite MPs for attending an event organized by Hezbollah."I remember this event now , it was Emad Mughniyah’s memorial service”
Here is the speech of Al Barrack yesterday at the protest. From what I read other 3 MPs other than Al Barrack have been arrested in the past 24 hours.
You must know that Gulf media and politicians are attacking the rally accusing Iran of standing behind it !! Sadly enough this media and those political figures are supporting the revolution in Syria or to be accurate changing the situation in Syria from a popular revolution to a sectarian civil war.
You must know and understand that in this stage the Kuwaitis do not want to topple their prince or their regime , they want political reforms. The prince is interfering in the parliamentary elections in a very dangerous way.
Here is a 28 minutes video compiling many of the videos from the rally and the attack of the security forces on the peaceful protesters.

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  1. Off-topic for this post, but I wanted to point out that at this moment three of the top stories on Drudge Report are about Egypt! I have never seen that happen before, at least not since the January 25 revolution timeframe. Drudge changes stories frequently, so here they are for reference:

    Egypt TV host gets jail term for insulting president...

    REPORT: Morsi mouths 'Amen' as Egyptian preacher urges 'Allah, destroy the Jews'...

    Doctors in Egypt often won't treat AIDS patients...

    He has three other Middle East stories too:

    Lebanon Army Tries to Keep Order...

    Clashes Spread to Beirut...

    CARTER: Israel Creating 'Catastrophic' Situation With Palestinians...

    Context: It's not that Drudge has such a great interest in Mideast affairs as that the US Presidential election is upon us, and Drudge is implying that Obama's policies vis-à-vis the Mideast have been disastrous.


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