Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Noam Chomsky in Cairo : AUC Lecture

Noam Chomsky came to Cairo in a short yet very active visit where he gave a lecture in the AUC , spoke with politicians and had an interview in few hours. Chomesky had short Middle East visit that included a visit to Gaza.

His lecture in the AUC Downtown Hall was among the reasons why traffic was so bad in Downtown Cairo yesterday. Now if you missed the opportunity to attend that AUC lecture which was the hottest event this week in Egypt , you can watch it online here.

Chomsky met with Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh and Hamdeen Sabbahi too and spoke about the upcoming constitution. The American thinker asked them about what they are going to do if that constitution drafted by the current constituent assembly was approved by the public. I do not think both men got an answer !!

The famous American thinker also appeared with Yosri Fouda in “Last Talk” and answered questions of tweeps online including a question I sent to the show about how he thinks the US decision making will be affected by the Arab Spring. “Actually I asked about world powers balance in general”

Regarding the US elections , well despite Chomsky is not fond of Obama or his policies , he believes that Romney’s policies and views will destroy the US whether internationally or internally and that even if he is elected  , he will not be able to implement his plans and policies he is ranting about currently. In brief Chomsky does not think that much of Romney.

I am searching for  Last Talk’s video because he got very interesting views  indeed about Egypt , America, Israel and Syria .


  1. One to catch is Mona El Tahawy on BBC World 'Hard Talk' tonight with Steven Sakkur!! brilliant interview and he ripped Miss Mona wide open! you can watch it here

  2. Here's the video:

  3. In his AUC talk Chomsky said climate change is going to kill 100 million people. He is a deluded, doddering old fool.


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