Thursday, October 25, 2012

#Sudan : It is beyond a factory in #Khartoum

on Tuesday the people of Khartoum woke up late night after hearing a huge explosion in a factory owned by the Sudanese army. The explosion took place in Yarmouk military industrial complex.
A photo for the fire in the factory last night
by Abdullah Karrar
For the record I was following Sudanese tweeps online last night and they had mixed reports about the nature of the explosion. Already I do not understand how on earth such military complex is being place inside a residential area like this !!
The location of the map by Girfana 
Some claimed that they knew workers inside the complex who told them that the explosion happened because of some malfunctions. I would buy this and I am in Cairo if the explosion took place in 10 AM and not in 10 PM where there is supposedly no operations. Others claimed that a military plane crashed in to the military industrial complex while it was transferring ammunition.

Here is the fire in the complex resulted from the explosion

Another video
There were others who claimed that they actually witnessed air jets bombing the industrial complex , it was interesting testimony.
Another photo by IslamAbu El Gasim
Interestingly the Sudanese official media did not announce the new for several hours in Khartoum and the first statement of a Sudanese official attributed the explosion to a malfunction still on Wednesday we find the Sudanese officials accusing Israel directly of bombing the military industrial complex !!
The Sudanese officials claim that 4 Israeli jets bombed the complex killing 2 Sudanese citizens in the attack. It will not be the first if it is true, it could be the second or the third Israel would do such a thing. Tel Aviv did not comment on these accusation from its side.
Aside from Tel Aviv and Khartoum there is a huge debate in Cairo about what happened not because it could be a possible aggression against the sovereignty of another country but because many people how these alleged Israeli jets reached to Sudan ??
Based on the closet scenarios the Israeli jets used our skies to jet in to Sudan and you can imagine how this unconfirmed scenario is causing controversy in Egypt. When I think about Israeli jets could have come from two other ways according to my basic understanding : From the Mediterranean to Libya then to Sudan or From the red sea to Sudan.
I think we need a clear statement from the Egyptian air defense forces as well a clear statement from the IAF.


  1. Zeinobia

    neither of your theories is right.

    Israel has leased 2 islands off Eritrea and has military bases on both of them with warships and fighter jets and this is where they would have launched the attacks from.
    This is the location where the Israelis spy on all the Red Sea and Persian Gulf tanker traffic and a lot more besides. This is also the most likely route they would use to initiate a first strike on Iran! They would simply fly over Yemen which they already do and straight into Iran!
    The world needs to open it's eyes to the zionists who are infiltrating so many sectors and countries and governments!

  2. The zionist lunatics are not going to admit just like they wont admit Dimona.
    No doubt though where the Israeli attack originated from. Eritrean islands where they have their military bases spying on Egypt, Iran and the Gulf.

  3. Correct it would be Eritrea where they have their bases.

  4. I wonder how far things would escalate further in the region with the rise of the MB groups and possible Israeli escalation in the region. The west bank is going to be formally annexed within the next year after the elections. The dire situation in Sinai will continue without serious development plans from the government in Cairo. The Syrian army is dismantled now. Sudan is already divided an facing more problems in Darfur and Kordofan. There American bases in Yemen, French base in Djibouti and now you people say there is an Israeli base in Eritrea. What about Egypt's and Saudi Arabia deterrence force in the south? Are there any major Egyptian Navy and Air bases on the Red Sea? What about air defense radars? I do not feel proud for being Egyptian. Mubarak should be hanged on all these strategic crimes!!!

  5. mubarak did it all but mb should fix or leave and give chance to others who realy want to change the bitter reality

  6. Start a new war in Israel, then. See what a "bitter reality" really looks like. Maybe some Egyptians really need to hide in bomb shelters like Israelis in the South. Hopefully, the majority is sane enough.


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