Monday, October 1, 2012

Trouble in Salafist heaven “2”

And there are lots of development taking place in the Salafist heaven since last I spoke about there here in the blog , I mean lots of developments by all measures as there are splits in that heaven !! We are speaking about a drama that has not finished it .

Al Nour Party , a way to drama !!

On Tuesday the Supreme committee of Al Nour party “Borhami front” held an urgent meeting to withdraw confidence from its leader Emad Abdel Ghafur and to appoint El Siyad Khalifa , the former vice president as the leader of the party for the current time. The Supreme committee issued a statement later thanking Abdel Ghafour later claiming that they withdrew confidence from him because he has become President Morsi’s advisor and that position needed him more than the leadership of Al Nour Party. “Despite the upcoming escalating developments between the two fronts , Borhami and Abdel Ghafour, Al Nour’s Supreme committee thanked him officially on the party’s official website.” Khalifa , a former MP from Suez was the vice president of Al Nour Party.
On Wednesday we found the party official twitter accounts announcing the following :
Emad Abdel Ghafour has ratified the decision of the Supreme committee of the party to dismiss Ashraf Thabet and other members from the membership Supreme committee of the party.
This decision was presented officially to the Parties’ commission . It was followed by this tweet announcement
The dismissal of Nader Bakkar from his position as the official spokesperson of the party and appointing Mohamed Nour and Yousry Hammad as official spokesperson instead of him.
Hammad also became the vice-president of the party. Nour was already the spokesperson of the party less known than its big star Nader Bakkar who could not ignore this tweet alone.
“The news is not true !!” Bakkar tweeted !!
Bakkar was to be married on that day , the poor guy knew from twitter that Abdel Ghafour kicked him out !!
and then comes the mother of all surprises, the climax of this drama
Al Nour party assures that anyone proved to have had cooperated with Ahmed Shafik in the past has no place among us and we are working hard to purify the party
!!!!! dan dan dan dum !!!!!!! Abdel Ghafur is accusing Borhami and those men he kicked out from their positions in the party of cooperating with Shafik during the elections thus betraying the revolution.
In few hours Yasser El Borhami on Dream TV 2 dropped a bomb on air after being confronted with Ahmed Shafik himself : He did visit Shafik. More shocking details for the Salafist began to pour with no stop : El Borhami and Ashraf Thabet met Shafik before the announcement of the final elections round offs’ results. It seems that the Salafist calling wanted to secure its position and its party in case if Shafik won. There is nothing wrong in this but hiding and denying it.
Of course logically Abdel Ghafour knew about that meeting all that time then why he announced it now !!? In this way ?? Needless to say there is talk that he met Shafik too. I was not shocked because I know the Salafist Sheikhs like El Borhami are deceivers who used to work with State security
People felt lost on last Wednesday, Emad Abdel Ghafour dismissed those who dismissed him !!!!!
The two fronts war was reflected on the social network accounts of the party. We got now “@alnourpartyeg” ,the official twitter account that follows Abdel Ghafour and his front where as the official website of the party and its official Facebook page follows Borhami front !!! Contradictory statements and interviews as well TV debates and confrontations, it was a circus.
Up till this moment Bakkar swears that the twitter account of Al Nour party is hacked by former members of Al Nour that have been fired recently !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now we got two Nour Parties literality , one that follows “Borhami” and the other follows “Abdel Ghafour” and both parties that are fighting for recognitions. Who will win ?? I do no know , the upcoming days will only tell without the dirty revelations coming by second proving those Salafists are dirty politicians with my all due respect to them. It seems that all odds and logic are in favor of Yasser El Borhami and the rest of Salafist Calling group after all it is religious based party and they are their spiritual leaders. I do not need to tell you that both parties use religion and Sharia with testimonies from Sheikh x and Sheikh Y that each of them is right and the other is wrong !!
According to the Parties law , the Parties committee following Shura council should freeze the second biggest party till it sorts out its issues or in this case its shit !!!!
Many people felt that there is some of State security’s smell here as bringing down promising political parties during the Mubarak’s regime like what happened in El Ghad party , Al Ahrar party and Al Wafd Party if you remember. Still there is no state security anymore not to mention there is no Mubarak regime. Some are blaming and accusing the Muslim brotherhood of standing behind this crisis as the MB wants to get from its closet rival in the Parliamentary elections especially many speculate that MB’s Freedom and Justice Party will not be lucky like last time.
Despite this can be true I have many doubts about this assumption. I will explain in another day and another night insh Allah.


  1. This account hacked from 3 - 9 - 2012
    and Nader Bakkar said that in official FB Account Ancient Egypt

  2. Isn't it about time that Muslims followed the teachings of the Quran? Isn't it about time that they figured out that the Quran condemns scholars and there is no place for these false priesthoods in Islam because make no mistake they are false priesthoods who issue fatwas and edicts that bear no relation to common sense and to Islam. When are the worlds Muslims going to wake up and read and understand the Quran? All these scholars are working for the devil. It's plain to see so why can't Muslims see it to? This is why Islam is in such a sorry state. You all follow these self proclaimed leaders and scholars in direct contradiction to the Quran. Your fate awaits you on judgement day!

  3. The same Anon : The picture you're describing anonymous is what in the Bible (new Testment), where Jesus confronted Jewish so called themselves 'Scholars'or 'Farissies'. How they manipulated average citizens and use the temple as commersial ground. At the same- time almost killed who violated the Sabath, as being more important than stealing, committing adultory, killing, etc.
    Examine what Muslim "scholars" do today playing with poor citizens as dummies.


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