Wednesday, November 21, 2012

#ajmmisr fire : When you become the News

Angry mob today torched Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr "Ajmmisr" studio in Tahrir square. The attack took place at about 10.30 AM. I arrived there at 11.45 AM to find the famous Al Jazeera Mubshar's studio looking over Tahrir square has been completely torched.
The famous studio was torched 
I went there and asked people. Of course as Egyptians everybody know everything. A man standing at the entrance of the building told me that 'bearded men attacked the channel' !! Do not even wonder why bearded men "allegedly salafists" would attack Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr which is accused of being bias to the Islamists !! Of course other men had other theories about who torched Al Jazzera Mubshar Misr , I fear it would reach to aliens from outer space in midday Cairo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The door is smashed
I asked the doorman and he told me a different story which I believe more as it is more consistent with what I heard in the way. "A group of angry mob stormed the channel and torched after a TV interview the channel aired with some Muslim brotherhood member" The doorman said adding that that MB guy accused the protesters of the Mohamed Mahmoud of being thugs and thus some protesters attacked the channel. I went to the studio in the second floor.
Another man told that the assailants were 
The employees of the Ajmmisr were letting the follow journalists and reporters to film inside the apartment that looked so terrible.
The door of the channel was badly smashed.
The floor was wet as a result the attempt to put off fire. The electricity had been cut for couple of hours for security reasons.

Wet floors 
The studio is completely drestroyed
I entered the main studio, the famous on air studio looking over the Tahrir square to find it completely torched and its equipment destroyed.

I found one injured Mr. Mohamed Nabil , a worker who does not work in Al Jazeera channel but wanted to save the people stuck in the fire. He got burns on his arm. He was saluted by the head of Cairo security directorate. Nabil as an average Egyptian told the police general "I did this for Egypt sir".
Now The ministry of interior that it will arrest those who are standing behind this criminal act.
Personally I do not like what happened to Al Jazeera Misr regardless of how much I criticize it. If it is Al Jazeera today , tomorrow it will be ONTV.
Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr has become the news of the day. 


  1. It's very sad to see things like this happen anywhere, but it hurts Egypt in particular as these acts continue to deter tourism.

  2. Is it very simple: burn it down in order to remove a camera that will show the real number of people opposing decisions made by Morsi. I scanned many of the pro-protesters TV channels and found that the camera is static and zoomed in a way to show that a few number of protesters are a million.

    Shame on you: just play with rules of democracy and go to the box to express your opinion. After that If Morsi doesn't let go his extraordinary powers he gained from these declarations then we can start say yes we have a dictatorship ruling Egypt.


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