Friday, November 16, 2012

#Gaza : Was Jaabari thinking of long term truce ??

Haartez published yesterday an interview with Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin who claimed that Hamas late leader Ahmed Jaabari received a draft of long truce between Hamas and Israel. Unfortunately the interview is available for the website subscribers only after it was available for everybody yesterday.

Baskin who mediated between Hamas and Israeli government as well the Egyptian intelligence in the Galid Shalit case spoke about long truce talks that was between him , Hamas and Egyptian intelligence. Baskin also says that he informed Israeli officials nevertheless they went on their plan.

To be honest I will not be surprised at all if this turns to be true because I remember when Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was assassinated sources in Cairo spoke that the Hamas founder was ok with a long term truce “30 years” on the condition that Palestinians would have a state based on the Pre-1967 borders. “242 resolution”

I will not be surprised or shocked because aside from all the usual debate , there are some people in Israel who have got huge benefit in keeping the ongoing struggle and the fear factor aside from the elections games.


  1. Zeinobia,
    here is a video of an interview with Baskin concerning the Truce Deal:

  2. The only noteworthy thing here is that an Israeli "peace activist" who has no official position or source of knowledge, can publish his theory in a major daily without fear of arrest, prosecution or condemnation. I can only hope that one day it will be possible for people in Egypt and in the Arab world to speak as freely.- or to listen to more balanced voices from Israel.

  3. Thanks for covering this from the Egyptian side of the story.

  4. 1)It's likely that Jaabari was revenge for Shalit. 2)Given that Arab publics are generally pro-war, and that Arab leaders burnish their credentials by calling for war and subverting peace treaties, it's questionable whether these documents have any value at all.


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