Tuesday, November 27, 2012

#Nov27 : #Tahrir says hi to #MB "Updated"

This is by far the biggest protest against the Muslim brotherhood. Yes it is originally a protest against the constitutional declaration but now it turned in to anti-Muslim brotherhood protest.
I want there at 1 PM thinking that I would find small numbers but what I saw actually was growing numbers of protesters. Many of these protesters are first timers who came to protest against both the constitutional declaration.
Here are photos I took earlier today.

The Tahrir square is actually packed with people without the rallies that have not started yet in Giza or Ramsis or Shubra. There are other rallies headed from the journalists syndicate, bar association , opera house "artists rally". There is a big rally coming from Zamalek "oh yes from Zamalek" to Tahrir square. I heard that there will be two rallies coming from Heliopolis to Tahrir square.
The decision to give school students the day off increased the number of protesters.

Here is a live broadcast from Tahrir square.

@5:16 PM

So far there are hundreds of protesters roaming the streets of Tanta city. Tanta witnessed clashes between MB supporters and protesters against constitutional declaration.The protesters chant against the Muslim brotherhood and Morsi.
In Suez city , protesters began to flock to the famous Al Arabin square chanting against Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood.
In Mansoura City , Dakahalia governorate in Nile Delta hundreds of protesters blocked the main road to the governorate HQ's building in the city to object Morsi's decisions chanting anti-MB and Morsi chants.
I will post the photos from the governorates later

@5:35 PM

Here is Tahrir square from Reuters' Live broadcast as Captured by Ahram Online @5:18 PM

The official spokesperson of Egyptian armed forces Colonel Ahmed Ali denied rumors spread online as well on some TV channels that military police stopped buses from outside greater Cairo to enter the capital. The official spokesperson who warned from rumors saying that the military police at the entrance of Greater Cairo is there to secure the highway and is not authorized to deal with civilians
“We assure that Egyptian armed forces’ only loyalty is for the Egyptian people and Egyptian territories” he added

@6:09 PM 

In Alexandria , there are two marches , one of from Manshiya that is huge one. We are speaking about tens of thousands. Now situation at El Qaed Ibrahim Mosque is not that good because we got another confrontation between the MB supporters and the protesters. It turned out that the MB in Alexandria contrary to the orders they received from MB in Cairo decided to have rallies today to show "how Alexandria stands behind Morsi !!"
People fear from possible clashes between the protesters.
Now here is a snap shot from Tahrir square
and what the Ikhwan Web is saying

@7:16 PM 

 In Damietta, not less than one thousand protesters started a rally from couple of hours ago. The rally is organized by political powers like April 6 Youth, Constitution Party and Popular Current. The protesters chanted against the constitutional declaration and Muslim brotherhood. They also did not allow Ahmed Shafik and Mubarak’s supporters to join them.
Back in Cairo the rallies coming from Shubra roundabout and Mostafa Mahmoud square are extremely big

@8:11 PM 

Protests in Sohag , Minya , Hurghada , Luxor and Assuit as well.
Clashes in Mahla , over 30 are injured.
Here is a photo gallery from the rally in Tanta by Dr. Morgan

The presidency denied rumors that Vice president Mahmoud Mekky has resigned. Now I got leaks that there are no smoke without fire and let's just say the man is angry. 


  1. I have never seen a place with as much garbage strewn all over the ground as Cairo. What is wrong with you people, don't you have trash cans?

    Perhaps you can entice Demeur to immigrate.

  2. Jason what does your comment have to do with the article?! Keep it relevant and rant someplace else.

  3. You obviously have not been to India

  4. Remember, for all the street power democrats are still a minority. So the battle you want to win isn't one for power but for democratic VALUES: individual human rights, freedom of association, expression, and dissent, and limitation of powers between branches of government. You won't get a liberal government but you will win the space to campaign for more support.

  5. Tahrir last night was amazing ... as for the MB tweet about low numbers ... reminds me of old regime's denial that anything was wrong!! The numbers were incredible and the atmosphere was fantastic, proud to be an Egyptian, proud to be a part of it.

  6. The question remains what will Morsi do with his new powers?

  7. Morsi can no longer deny that there is an opposition which have proved able to mobilize to this extent!! He has no choice but to work with them. That is real democracy indeed .. And hopefully it will happen. Egypt needs it, badly...

  8. This shows that Egyptians are religious but not fanatics, which is good. However, make no mistake: There are not just liberal, democrats out there, but all those who want to drag us back to the old ways. I bet it will be not for long that 'someone' will call in the army to save the democracy.

  9. It's getting more obvious this is what the SCAF wanted to see all along. I'd be suspicious of the entire set-up.

    Hope for the best Zee, that's all you can do at this point.

    As for Jason's rude comments? ....Clean up your OWN backyard, (glass houses), before thowing stones at other's ! I hope she deleted your rant. It's not relevant and only distracts. But I guess you are looking for attention anyway you can get it. Sad.

    1. I shall not soon forgive your insolence!

  10. By the way, great photos you took. I stayed in Zamalek quite a few times and recognize the needle building. The tower., etc.

  11. I love the live Cam too!

  12. Zeinobia - can you comment on the role of the army and the police?
    Where to they stand? Well Morsi be able to supress the protests?
    What about gangs of MB thugs? are they a factor?


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