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#BabAlShams : You Can not close the Sun's gate

A group of Palestinians , more than 250 men and women made something my generation will remember , they made the impossible in Jerusalem and set up the first Palestinian village in its East occupied part since 1967.
More than 250 men and women inspired by the Occupy movement “Started proudly in Egypt and Tunisia” and decided to occupy their own stolen land in Al-Tur which is originally owned by a Palestinian man.
Al-Tur is being called by the Israeli government as E1 Zone and as usual , as the habit of that government it violates all international agreements and treaties , the government in Israel decided to build an illegal settlement in E1. We are speaking about 4000 settlement units built on a Palestinian land.
E1 is an area of about 13 square km that falls on confiscated Palestinian land East of Jerusalem between Ma’ale Adumim settlement, which lies on occupied West Bank Palestinian land, and Jerusalem.
But yesterday Palestinian men and women decided to establish their own village on that land , Bab Al Shams village. 
This is an ideological free movement made from Palestinians who got sick from their political movements whether PLA or Hamas , this time the people do lead their movements for real.
Photos from Active

Before you debate about the Palestinian rights and you say what you want but according the Security council’s 242 resolution Israel has to withdraw from the land it occupied in 1967 including East Jerusalem where Bab Al Shams village is.
The village is set up already in a land owned by a Palestinian man whose ancestors got its contract since the Ottoman Empire.
From Al Arab newspaper
Now Bibi wants to evacuate those locales of Bab El Shams , roads are already blocked by IDF and IOF. Of course the Israeli high court did not give Stinky Bibi the right to evacuate the new Sun’s gate from its people but I fear sooner or later that little village will be attacked by IDF and IOF. As I hinted the main roads are blocked and Palestinians are reaching to the village through mountains. The food and medical supplies come from Palestinian areas.
Here is a photo showing the medical team in the village.This is so Tahrir spirit. May Allah protect them.
The field hospital by Abir Kotpy
We expect that they will be attacked any minute now.
The stars of the sun's gate village by active Stills
The revolution continues indeed. Tahrir spirit is there, oh yes baby the true Tahrir spirit.
You can follow the news of Bab El Shams village on Facebook here.On twitter you can follow the amazing hashtag"Bab Al Shams"
Bab El Shams means The sun’s gate and it is the name of an epic novel by Lebanese author Elias Khoury about the Palestinian agony in the 20th century. The novel is known in my generation more as a sad film directed by Egyptian director Yousry Nasrallah.
Now Khoury sent online message to the people of Bab El Shams on his official Facebook Page. It says the following :
The sunrise in the village
A message to my people in Bab El Shams village. I will not say “I wish I were with you because I am with you. I see you and I see how the dream has become a reality on your hands rooted in the land. Mahmoud Darwish had once written “there is what on this earth what makes life worth living” , when you built your amazing village you restored the meaning to the phrase and you become the children of this land .. and its masters.
This is the Palestine which Yunis dreamt of in Bab El Shams novel. Yunis had a dream of words and the words have become like wounds bleeding and you the people of Bab El Shams have become words writing down the dream with the ink of the future .. and returning Palestine to Palestine.
I see in your village all the faces of the beloved ones that have become absent in the way back to Palestine. Palestine is the date for all those strangers kicked out from their land. You are the children of the land , its olive and oil.
You are the olive of Palestine that is enlightened by the sun of justice , you build your village enflaming the fire of freedom. “Light Upon light
I see in your eyes a nation reborn from the ruins of the on going Nakba. I see you and words grow in my heart. I see words and you grow inside me till you reach and storm heavens.
In the end I have one request , to accept me as a citizen in your village to learn with the meanings of freedom and fairness.
Elias Khoury
12 January 2013
It is a small thing but very big for Palestinians and Arabs in general.
May God protect Bab El Shams village and its great people.
To the sun's gate


  1. "Over 16 million Egyptians live in inhumane conditions"
    It is perplexing that the problems of two millions in a neighboring country takes always priority and more ink over the problem of 20 million enslaved by illiteracy, poverty, and destitution. Where are the priorities of an Egyptian blogger and other elite?
    The shameful poverty and illiteracy of your own compatriots or the neighboring people, two million of them, mostly literate and way above poverty?
    Priorities please!! One should not claim to help their neighbors when their own family is hungry, illiterate and destitute.

    1. You know Zeinobia, you are speaking about a true Tahrir revolution. Well unfortunately I must agree on AM, the Egyptian revolution is by far not finished yet, Egyptians have to take matters in their own hands instead of waiting for a government who is not goin to do anything for them!!!! And they should most definitely be focussing on Egypt where there is years of work in front of them.

      But on one point I disagree with AM, I don't see why you can't be compassionate about your neighbors at the same time. This news doesn't take priority over Egypt at all. That's really too dramatic.

      I wish the activists of Bab el shams the best of luck. They deserve it. But reality may show different outcome.. Lets hope not

    2. Well Said, Mr. Anonymous and Sarah.Thanks.

  2. Dear Zeinobia, this site is not in East Jerusalem. Look at any map. And I know you will disagree but the best way to help Palestinians is to urge them to negociate. This is not a dirty word. Let them come to the negociating table and then show the world that the Israelis are not playing fair if this is the case. Calling the democratically elected prime minister stinky Bibi does not help.

  3. Expat; unfortunately, paletinians were sucked like Egyptians by the role played by Hamas, to push Arafat away from any negotiating table and keep the 242 Resolution as historic subject only, The MB is playing same role of keeping the 90 millions Egyptians divided and busy from pursuing any development and adancement...90 millions progressive knowledgable and economically adavancing, will absorb and align the middle east in their path without any war. China is giving good example.

  4. I cannot read the Deed, as I made it larger, but still cannot read the date nor the writing.

    What does it say??

    Good for the young folks there for taking a stance.

    Awful, awful that they had to do so.

    Please translate.


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