Saturday, January 19, 2013

Noam Chomsky Fires Back at Youm 7 : I did not say that !!

Do you remember that news Youm 7 published about that lecture of Noam Chomsky in University of Columbia that did not take place except in the MB media !?

Do you remember how the MB supporters insisted that the famous professor attacked UAE and accused it of plotting against Egypt because Suez Canal will bring Dubai down !?

Well the professor has reacted and sent Youm 7 email , specifically to Khaled Salah , its editor in chief where he made it clear it was untrue that he had lectured at Columbia university recently and spoke about Egypt. He also demanded that the news to be removed.

Youm 7 did remove the report but it did not apologize or explain to its readers that it was untrue , the thing which made Chomsky angry sending another email to Salah.

El Shorouk Newspaper published the email. I copied it here.

Subject:      False Attribution

Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2013 09:26:50 -0500

From:         Noam Chomsky <Chomsky@MIT.EDU>

To:    <>

Dear Mr. Salah,

Many people have brought to my attention an article that was posted on your website on January 2, 3, and 4. The original link to the article, which has not been accessible since January 5, is:

The article attributed statements to me which I never made and in a lecture which never occurred. The original title was:

"In an a lecture in Columbia University on the Egyptian Revolution, Prof. Chomsky said: President Morsi's plans for the development of the Suez Canal is the main reason for the hostility of Dubai toward the new Egyptian administration.  UAE represents the counter-revolution against Egypt's and Syria's Revolution and it plans on ruining the recent Cairo-Ankara alliance."

The last time I gave a lecture at Columbia University was on October 17, 2011, nearly 15 months ago, on a topic totally unrelated to Egypt, the UAE, and President Morsi. The article is totally made up out of whole cloth and, unfortunately, continues to be reproduced and circulated by various news outlets, sometimes with a slightly different title. Here is an example:

Under the circumstances, I would like to request that you publish a correction in your website, acknowledging that the original article was erroneous, referring to statements I never made and to a lecture that never took place.


Noam Chomsky

It is worth to mention that Ahmed Abu Hashima , the partner of MB’s business tycoon Hassan Malak in Al Masryeen steel has acquired Youm 7.

I wonder what the MB supporters will say when they read this or even when they will wake up from that illusion they are following.


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  2. The documentary is tl;dw, and the "jew-world-order" link is broken. Please try harder. Your antisemitism and Internet skills need honing.


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