Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#Sinai : Muhamed Sabry is released

An Ismailia military court has ordered the release of Egyptian journalist and blogger Muhamed Sabry on bail adjourning the trial to January 15,2013. According his wife , the amazing Riham he was transferred to Al Arish prison where he will be released insh Allah.
I am so happy for him and hopefully insh Allah he will be acquitted from the charges he is facing

Now it turns out Sabry was working for Reuters on a story about the new law issued by the minister of defense regarding the land ownership in the borders area.

The case of Sabry and Al Quorsaya islanders have succeeded in reminding the people with the military trials for civilians. It also brought discussions about how and why the civilians who drafted this constitution like Moatez Abdel Fatah and Nader Bakkar accepted this article. Of course both men are defending themselves online in the worst way ever. They simply do not have any valid point and still they defend this article amazingly !!

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