Saturday, January 5, 2013

Social Media politics : To Catch a Twitter impostor online "Update"

Do you remember when I spoke about MB e-committees and their techniques in Facebook and twitter !?
Now do you remember the story of Asmaa El Sayed who supports the MB and turned to be a fake tweep that does not exist !? Well it seems we got another new sister for Asmaa , Ms. Nilly As’ad. This is a living example as the account is still active.
The simple down to earth unveiled girl that defends MB and Islamists day and night using the old claim that Islamists are unjustly fought politically in Egypt because all the world fights Islam to the end of that talk.
A screen capture for Nilly´s account.
She is promoting that talk of UAE is fighting Morsi because of Dubai is going to die from Suez and Port Said.
Well I hate to break the news that this beautiful Avatar Ms. Nilly is using a photo of Algerian French called Bella Nina who got a blog online posting her photos on.

Update : 

It turns that this is not the photo of Nina , it is the photo of Lebanese MTV host Dolly Ayash  !!Great this account is using a photo of a celeb claiming to be her own photo. Here is an image search showing that the photo does belong to Ayash . Here is the photo from some Gulf forum
Here is Nilly whose followers are insulting and attacking me day and night in a disgusting way calling me useless sick retarded with no life.
Nilly is claiming that this is her photo

Nina´s picture in her blog
Nilly got a Facebook Page that “1,143 FB users like” with another Fake photo for some Western girl with further info that she is Nilly.
I had my own doubts about that account but thanks to amazing Dr.Nermeen Bedair , I found that Nilly is actually Nina !!
I know it may sound silly but I felt that that I needed a living example on these Fake twitter accounts. 


  1. "I know it may sound silly"

    Don't apologize. Great post. Love hearing about fraudulence being exposed.

  2. i think you are gravely mistaken because an MB supporter does not always have to be a veiled female or a bearded young man . i'm NOT a practising Muslim , not a fan of a theocratic state, pro-Assad of syria and pro-Shia revolt in Bahrain and these are not usually the characteristics of a avergae MB supporter in Egypt HOWEVER i fully supported the MB stance on the constituion and voted "YES" and i hate the opposition people's guts .check my old tweets before the constitutional crisis @dream_utopia

    1. I cannot stay silent to this post! I voted "NO" to the constitution, because it downgrades Egyptians who are not Muslims down to second-class citizens. Thus this Constitution divides our nation and that is a crime.

  3. وديه كمان صاحبتها
    واصلا حاطه صورة مطربه عراقيه


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