Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The problem is that you lie too much

Times Newspaper published a very alarming report about the visit of Iranian Spy Chief Qassem Suleimani to Cairo two days before Christmas.
The newspaper claimed that the Iranian spy chief  held talks with Egyptian officials mainly from MB leading figures who were interested in founding another Intelligence Service and security guards following the brotherhood instead of Egypt's intelligence controlled by the army.
As I am not Times subscriber , I can not read the original text but this is based upon the translation of BBC Arabic. 
Knowing how such report will bring trouble to the Muslim brotherhood whether inside or outside "the Western allies" , the Muslim brotherhood issued an immediate statement denying these claims. "The Muslim brotherhood did not ask for secret support from Iran" the Statement said after the Times' report was spread all over the Egyptian news websites.
Mahmoud Ghozlan ,the official spokesperson of Muslim brotherhood described this report as fictional one.
I want to believe the Muslim brotherhood but unfortunately after their constant lies , I do not believe them easily anymore.
It is worth to mention that Iranian FM will visit Egypt soon and the brothers and supporters believe now it is a good move "against UAE" after they were cheering for Morsi's sectarian triumph over the Shiites in Iran.
Now if this report is true , I believe the Muslim brotherhood will be playing with fire for real because they will get in to a confrontation with 60 years army and intelligence service in time their popularity is not that great in the country now. 


  1. You voted for them. Don't forget that Zeinobia, I will remind you of what you and your other 'activists' did to our country. Sold it to the Ikhwan and defended your choice and did not even apologize.

    Do you think another revolution will get rid of them? Or elections? ahahhahahaahah you would be the most stupid person of all if you believed that. Ikhwan are here to stay in Egypt (and the region) for the next 50 years.

    You only get one chance at a revolution every half century.... and you pissed it away

    1. You are SO rude. Even if she voted for Morsi, it is none of your business. Everyone has the right to their own views.

    2. I am not rude, just stating the truth. If Zeinobia and other activists like Belal Fadl, etc... and all those who sold out just apologized and said we should never have voted for the ikhwan, then I will ease up (a bit).

      And I have a right to my view....

    3. Anonymous, let's imagine if Zeinab voted for Ahmed Shafiq instead of Morsi. And what happens when Shafiq derails back the revolution and re-instate back the Mubarak's era? I'm pretty sure you will blame her saying "You should have voted for Morsi to get rid off felools. Look what you did and now you cowards voted felools just to desperately stop the Islamist from reigning" and that its better for Egyptians not to start the revolution if everything goes back to where it was. So as you can see, moron, you only know how to pin blame on others but you don't even look at facts properly. You don't even know how to anticipate.

      "If Zeinobia and other activists like Belal Fadl, etc..."

      And if people like you can just shut up and stop acting like childish liberal kids blaming the masses for voting Ikhwan, then maybe we can chill it up.

      "and all those who sold out just apologized and said we should never have voted for the ikhwan, then I will ease up (a bit)."

      Apologized???? ROLFMFAO!!! Have you taken your meds, pal? So you were suggesting to vote for felools??? Please don't make me laugh. You can't be that deadly serious. Will you "ease up" if the emergency law re-instates back again? Based on your silly views, I doubt it. Apologize my banana. You don't have the right to ask that way.

      By the way, if your medicine does not cure your psychothic moronic mental disease, do seek a doctor.

  2. Ever heard about the silent majority?? Or poor people voting for the MB because they don't know better. Morsi has been chosen by 25% of those eligible to vote. And the constitution has been approved by even less than that. Now how is the opposition to blame for that?? Egypt having an opposition is already of vital importance. And the MB is loosing so much ground, during my stay in Egypt I met a lot of people of which only one supported Morsi. Now I am sure to say that currently less than 25% of Egyptians support him. So please, stop the pessimism and wait for 4 years. Egypt has never known democracy before, Rome hasn't been built in a few months, right? Egypt will learn

  3. Of course you shouldn't believe them at all!Yes,they play with fire because they are so incompetent and idiots!You can't run a Nation the same way you run an underground gang,and this is exactly what they're doing...The intensity of popular rage against them is increasing by the minute!I personally don't believe they'll last long in power.With an escalating economic crisis and soaring inflation,I suspect the working class will spark the next wave of the Revolution... @amrazim2808

  4. You know Anony, everyone makes mistakes in life, don't you? Did you EVER???.......I once voted for G.W.Bush, and when he invaded Iraq, many of us knew without a doubt we made a HUGE mistake with him. He was the pits as it turned out.....needless to say.

    You are so sure of yourself, and so judgemental of others, you surely throw the 1st stone don't you?

    When things are so bad in a country politically, you tend to get swayed by idealism and hope. At least those of us with feelings, compassion and caring for others. Perhaps such virtues are missing in your consciousness, therefore, you cannot even relate to Idealism as a virtue.


    You should apologize to us poor mortals who you defame and harm by judgemental finger pointing, never admitting when you point a finger at someone, 3 more are coming back right at yourself.

  5. "Puppetry International",
    "The Strategists and the Pagan Rabbi".
    Now they are tirelessly trying to put their hands on anything they find,so why not the unions?.the glamour of power,the belief in the nonexistent,the fear of being incapable,would justify their hunger for power.they could not remember the crunching of mubarak at the hand of the wall street strategists,they only remember being given the star decoration,the scouts boys mandate,and the successful bewilderement of the religioulsy deluded followers.they could not remember that the cleansing of mubarak,was largely because he has not obeyed orders,to join in a multi-state confrontation of iran.mubarak suspected,that this was not important enough to ditch him,but it was.they could not remember that it is always possible to orchestrate plans,owing to the sheer muscle of the outside planner,and not in accordance to any interior criterion.they could not remember that wall street has no friends ,no enemies but mercenaries,that have to neatly fit in the scheme of international puppetry.they could not remember that it is easy to mobilize the puppets and the disgruntled impoverished citizens,by granting false hopes and rewards.they could not remember that by attracting billions of dollars from would be allies,and not trickling down their effects on a starving nation,would bring about the "real revolution".they could not remember that they are meant to serve as a spoiler of the coming " real revolution",or could they? ,where they would be tasked with facing people with precious little to lose.they could not remember,that when they fail to perform they will be tossed over,before they are conscious of who did the tossing.I think they will remember their ignorance and megalomania by then.

    1. What are you yammering about?

    2. I cannot remember what the #!*? you are talking about!

  6. Z. I think they know they are playing with fire. Same as Turkey. You see for a long time Turkey overlooked the fact that Iran is a dictatorship like N.Korea and all the power & decisions rest with one person backed by the secret police & military. Why?

    Mainly because of Oil wealth. Its too tempting to try to make some kind of a deal and be nice to the dictatorship but then you get burned like Turkey over Syria. 60,000 people dead and the Supreme Leader refuses to stop supporting Assad.

    Morsi will get nothing but grief from this deeply unpopular religious regime whose time is over just like Assad. It is an occupying regime, just like Assads army(the one that bombed Palestinians) is an occupying army.

    All this religious/political rubbish began with Iran. It will end with Iran. Those who think God values principles over human beings lives are making a terrible mistake. There is nothing higher than the value of a human life.

    1. You shouldn't just only look at Iran. I know that Iran is a theocratic dictatorship led by the Mullahs, but what about Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Do you realize that based on the contemporary history, the two Gulf nations are adopting their most aggressive foreign policy, which makes them leading those counter-revolutions. I'm saying Qatar (not Iran) is the ones funding the world-wide Muslim Brotherhood groups while Saudi Arabia has been funding the Salafites. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey regimes must be overthrown if Arab republics wishes to have a genuine democracy, otherwise nothing will happen as revolts will be hijacked like Sudan.

    2. You should look more closely. Iran is led by one mullah only. He has total executive power. The only difference with S.A. & Quatar is they don't pretend to be democracies to the world and are not asking anyone to copy them (I hope no one does). And Turkey is different to those three.

      Irans revolution is a going rotten and has been for a long time, ask any Iranian, ask any Syrian. Saudi, Pakistan and the Gulf States are also mouldy, black holes but there is still hope for Egypt, Libya, Turkey & maybe Iraq - that is the largest chunk of the Arab World.

      If you want to have genuine democracy, you have to remove dictators,first. I would prefer to see Quatari(consultants) & Saudi(sheiks) & Iranians (pilgrims)& Russian(advisors) fighting in person in Syria. You can bet it would be a shorter & less costly conflict, whoever won.

    3. @pirooz, there's a difference calling for removing a dictator versus calling for overthrowing the regime. Let's say we remove King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia from power. Then what? Revolution wins in occupied Arabia? Prince Salman could take it over, then are you going to say there will be "genuine democracy" taking over? This is what happens in Yemen when you only call for removing dictator, the vice-president of Ali Abdullah Saleh has taken over. Nothing big change is going to happen when the remnants of the former regime remains behind. We should call for total overthrow of regime, not just removing dictator. People call for removing the dictator is only because they are the highest ranking who controls the country, but this doesn't mean the vice-leader, foreign ministry, interior ministry can stay.

      "The only difference with S.A. & Quatar is they don't pretend to be democracies to the world and are not asking anyone to copy them (I hope no one does)."

      I hope you are not serious about this. Do you know during the fraud parliamentary elections in Syria during May 2012? The Saudi (under Al-Arabiya) and Qatari media (under al-Jazeera) has mocked the elections. You can go check it out. And do you know what's the meaning when they mock their enemies' farce elections? They are trying to imply their country is a democratic country. They don't pretend to be democracies? And what about UAE joining the International Day of Democracy? Is that not championing themselves guardians of democracy? Even during the 2009 farce election in Iran, those Gulf rulers had been mocking the same way.

      Unless you of course are one of the sectarian anti-Shia bigots who were loyal to those backward polygamous Gulf rulers and who loves to cry about Syria and Iran but not Sudan or Bahrain, then you should really do your research first. Because I have seen those kind of hypocrites, and I hope you are not one of them.

    4. There is no indication that Saudi or the Gulf States are trying to pass themselves off as democracies. They are quite openly strangers to the term (democracy) unlike some states who make a pretence of being a democracy but deny civil rights to large numbers of people under their control. I don't see much of a future for societies that operate this way.

  7. "no surprist there" !1/10/2013 12:10:00 PM

    The April 6 Movement, after training with CANVAS, would return to Egypt in 2010, a full year before the “Arab Spring,” along with UN IAEA Chief Mohammed ElBaradei. April 6 members would even be arrested while waiting for ElBaradei’s arrival at Cairo’s airport in mid-February. Already, ElBaradei, as early as 2010, announced his intentions of running for president in the 2011 elections. Together with April 6, Wael Ghonim of Google, and a coalition of other opposition parties, ElBaradei assembled his “National Front for Change” and began preparing for the coming “Arab Spring” where his more presentable “pro-democracy” front would cover for large masses of Muslim Brotherhood followers in Tahrir Square as well as violence the Brotherhood carried out nationwide before the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

    While the Western press attempts to portray Elbaradei and the Muslim Brotherhood as opponents, they are in reality complimentary – a Western-backed, “good cop-bad cop” routine attempting to control both ends of Egypt’s political spectrum.

    Caution as Opposition Builds Vs. the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Clearly, both the Brotherhood and ElBaradei represent neither the people of Egypt, nor Egypt’s best interests. In the coming days, weeks, and months, as the Muslim Brotherhood faces increased opposition, Egyptians and onlookers around the world must carefully examine and delineate between the different opposition groups coming forward to challenge the current ruling government and ensure that real opposition prevails, while collaborators like ElBaradei are exposed and sidelined.

    There is real, legitimate opposition in Egypt, and it is essential that is avoids the common tricks used to neutralize and subdue legitimate activism. Those falling into ElBaradei’s camp must recognize that while their intentions may be noble, the movement they are helping hold aloft is not, and stands opposed to their very political convictions and future aspirations.

    Those amongst the Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters must sincerely ask themselves why, for decades, their leaders’ ambitions have consistently and “conveniently” dovetailed with Western designs against real progress in the Arab World.

    1. This moron who can't make proper quote marks is using your blog to spew copypasta, Zeinobia. The whole comment was cribbed from CounterPsyOps and Global Research.

    2. Actually I agree some part of the article. Now please don't take me as an apologist for Muslim Brotherhood, but neither ElBaradei nor the Ikhwan fundamentalist are serving the Egyptian interest. How ElBaradei is "revolutionary"? That he recently returns to Egypt during the 18-day uprising? He play no major role in that uprising just as the Brotherhood did not play any big role as well. The local Egyptians barely knows about him except when the United States and Saudi Arabia begins to promotes him, and that's about it.

    3. Dear Myrobeg , I think you should search more about ElBaradei´s return back to Egypt in this blog and you will know that he returned before the 18 days in 2009 and 2010 and see what he had done.
      By the way if the States and KSA promoted him , he would not be struggling up till now . Unfortunately you said the magical words of "Do not consider me an apologist for the Muslim brotherhood"
      You know you can say this in any Pro-MB Facebook but not in the Egyptian Chronicles blog.

    4. I never do like nor trust him. Here, this article comes directly from the Saudi mouthpiece propaganda machine called Al-Arabiya. This article only reveals one example about the true identity of ElBaradei.


      So why did he heap praise on the Saudi king? Is it because he wants to please his masters so that Egyptians can go make pilgrim without restrictions? Did ElBaradei ever condemn these so-called "liberal" Gulf monarchies? And I'm not talking about condemning religious extremist only, but the entire monarch. And the second thing I start being suspicious about him is when I learned that he received the Nobel Peace Prize. If this is true that ElBaradei wasn't promoted by White House or they are foes, he wouldn't get that silly prize in the first place. NPP is nothing but a Western tool meant to award their political clients that serves their agenda, how otherwise those lousy leaders like Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin can also get the same thing?

      I acknowledge that he did speak against Israel and those Tantawi military goons. But so what? Lousy leaders like Abu Mazen can even talk the same way. Looking at his background working in IAEA as well as sudden US and Saudi promotion, this guy is to be opposed. He's not even some Nasser, for heaven sake. You know that a true leader is suppose to carry out actions, not just talking or giving statements, or even trying to become an attention leader hoping that he/she can lead Egypt just to serve their own interest.

      And this so-called "magical word" is a response to those people who accuse me of being a Brotherhood supporter/member when I accuse Amr Moussa or ElBaradei. But they forgot that when I accuse those puppets of Qatar, they will usually claimed I'm an Iranian agent. No joke. But you know what that means.

      In time, if this guy gets elected, you might have to very be careful. I'm comparing his character just like the Yemen lousy vice-president. And I can doubt he would fix the economy properly, if he tries to continue the Mubarak's neo-liberalism policy (when the media labels him as liberal). People in Egypt should know that Egypt is not America, and unlike America, Egypt has many poor people among the masses.

  8. Washington bewildered,and the alliances are strange.
    The decision to treat the Muslim Brotherhood as an american strategic partner has been on the cards ever since February 10 of last year – one day before Hosni Mubarak’s resignation – when President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made an astounding statement. He told the House Select Committee on Intelligence that the Brotherhood “is an umbrella term for a variety of movements… a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried al-Qaida as a perversion of Islam.The attempted overthrow of the Syrian government by a significant number of foreign elements from outside the country is bound to rebound against the USA.How is it possible to explain using al Queda terrorists as hired assets to bring down the Syrian government, after spending a trillion dollars and thousands of lives of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans?It's even worse than the Brotherhood. Would you believe Al Qaeda is now the new ally of america, at least as far as the Arab world is concerned?,exactly like they were used to help the Al Qqeda aligned revolutionaries in Libya, why not in Syria too? Since U.S. Middle East policy is now completely controlled by Israel, Iran and Shia Islam is considering a bigger threat than the Sunnis who brought down the World Trade Center. Thus the Alawites in Syria, who are Shia, have to go, Hezbollah in Lebanon has to be suppressed and Iran bombed. The Israeli would trade the quiet border and stable Syria of the Assads for Saudi-style Islamic state just so they can preserve their nuclear monopoly in the Middle East. It show the level of strategic thinking these days.

    1. You say 2 contradicting things:
      1. "The decision to treat the Muslim Brotherhood as an american strategic partner has been on the cards ever since February 10 of last year – one day before Hosni Mubarak’s resignation"
      2. "Since U.S. Middle East policy is now completely controlled by Israel".

      Israel didnt want Mubarak to fall, so those 2 statements are contradictory.

  9. @jason.oh really! a big discovery of yours!!!!it must be the hardest discovery on earth. i left many quotations intentionally,i just want people to read,i am not looking for paraise for my prose!.jason,can you copy and paste something useful to read,or rednecks like you are buisy tossing their cows?.

    1. "i am not looking for paraise for my prose"

      Thank God.

  10. @ anony 1/111008 am.
    there is no contradiction there.yes you are right ,the us middle east policy is not totally controlled by israeli considerations,but the smell coming from the us alliance with the egyptian bearded,does not directly predict american global strategic interests,does it ?.there has to be a "clear" policy of vigorous disruption of the middle east status quo.and at a regional level,who will ultimately benefit from the "professed" change in the middle and greater east?,israel of course.israel had no power to choose whether mubarak stays or not,israel only maintains its current and future interests,whether brought about by mubarak or the brotherhood.furthermore,why do you think that israel goals are any different from the brothers goals?. arent they both part and parcel of wall street 's life cycle?

  11. For more info read this :

    1. World Socialist Web Site, ROTFLMAO. Haha, why no copypasta this time, commie?

      And why not give a hyperlink? Too hard for you commie brain?


      Wow, that's even harder than a quote mark!

  12. It is was great to see Egyptians getting rid of Mubarak and in the euphoria of the post revolution period Egyptians were looking for a new start and for a real democratic Egypt where men and women are equal and where no one is above the law and where believers and unbelievers are all equal. Now they are stuck with the fascist el-ikhwan and they do not deserve the likes of Morsi. el-ikhwan have always been liars and terrorists and fascists and they will never change. We all need to listen one more time to what Gamal Abd el-Nasser said about them back in this speech in the mid 1960's and you will discover that el-ikhwan will never change and here is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM3zBmLolXs
    I feel very sad and expect that Egypt will be another Iran ruled by fascist shioukh that claim to have a direct phone line connection to God and with Morsi's presidency Egypt is now facing a new dark age of ignorance and intolerance and religious fascism

    1. Egyptians tend to ignore the fact that almost 50% of the 1952 revolution team were MB members and Nasser had inside knowledges of their twisted plan to split the country (as planned by the british colonials). So what Nasser reacted with accordingly and to save his life. Same example was used to finish the Shah off using Islamist Mullahs (another example of the MB robots), same how israel used Hamas (another example) to get rid of noisy Arafat and his dream. How long would it take for Egyptians and ME countries to learn that they are being used and abused using Islamic religion tools !!!??

  13. Wir Werden weiter marschieren
    Wenn alles in Scherben fält
    Denn heute gëhort uns Deutschland
    Und morgen die ganze Welt
    Links, zwei, drei,
    vier! Mützen ab!
    The lights on the ramp flicker with a spectral glow, the wave of people—feverish, agitated,stupefied people—flows on and on, endlessly. They think that now they will have to face a new life in the camp, and they prepare themselves emotionally for the hard struggle ahead.
    They do not know that in just a few moments they will die, that the gold, money, and diamonds which they have so prudently hidden in their clothing and on their bodies are now useless to them. Experienced professionals will probe into every recess of their flesh,will pull the gold from under the tongue and the diamonds from the uterus and the colon.They will rip out gold teeth. In tightly sealed crates they will ship them to Berlin.
    The S.S. men's black figures move about, dignified,businesslike. The gentleman with the notebook puts down his final marks, rounds out the figures: fifteen thousand.Many, very many, trucks have been driven to the crematoria today.It is almost over. The dead are being cleared off the ramp and piled into the last truck. The Canada men, weighed down under a load of bread, marmalade and sugar, and smelling of perfume and fresh linen, line up to go. For several days the entire camp will live off this transport. For several days the entire camp will talk about "Sosnowiec‐Bedzin.""Sosnowiec‐Bedzin" was a good, rich transport. We pass a heavily armed S.S. detachment on its way to change guard. The men march briskly, in step, shoulder to shoulder, one mass, one will."Und morgen die ganze Welt . . . " they sing at the top of their lungs.
    "Rechts ran! To the right march!" snaps a command from up front. We move out of their


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