Sunday, February 24, 2013

And #Egypt celebrates the #HarlemShake in its own Way !!

To be honest I do not understand what the Harlem Shake is or what it means except it is universal silly meme but I can not ignore the fact that it is making noise in my country.

Already last week we had our Pyramids Harlem Shake and I believe our tourism board should have used it.

Pyramids Harlem Shake

It is not the first Harlem Shake filmed in Egypt but it was the most famous and organized with public event on Facebook in Egypt. There  have been previous Harlem Shake clips from Egypt to my surprise in the past two weeks in a way I could not understand it !!

Of course internationally we made headline with our Harlem Shake craze as four young students have been arrested yesterday in Agouza area in Giza when they danced in their underwear in the street. Their neighbors reported them to the police and the four students are accused of indecency !!!

By the way my dear friends Ibrahim Gamal El Din aka Hima and Ahmed Naguib aka Hamda did their own Harlem Shake in AUC dorm.

Hamda Harlem Shake

Now Egyptian youth are organizing even bigger and important Harlem Shake event next Thursday … at the Muslim brotherhood HQ in Moktakam. I really love my people , May God bless and protect them.

By the way the people of Harlem do not like and think it is silly and no related to the original Harlem Shake dance.

Original Harlem reacts to Harlem Shake

Now this how the original Harlem Shake goes , watch the video till the end

How to dance the real and original Harlem Shake


  1. Finally I get it, why many in #Egypt were tweeting about the Harlem Shake yesterday!

  2. Egyptian Police doing the Harlem Shake

  3. Looks like a bunch of fat guys getting tazed or something like that there. Maybe Egyptians should stick to belly dancing?

  4. Did the arrested men actually break Egyptian indecency laws?


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