Saturday, February 16, 2013

#BlackBloc Mania : @BBBEgypt Who are you !??

And the Black Bloc still captures the attention of the public and the media despite we can not confirm if they do exist at all
Now there is a twitter account claiming to be the official Black Bloc Egypt. This account is called “@bbbEgypt
This is not the only twitter account claiming to the official Black Bloc twitter account in Egypt but it is the most spread. At the same time the Black Bloc Facebook Pages claim that they do not have any Twitter accounts and the Twitter accounts claim that they do not have any Facebook Page.
Now there is something fishy about this “Black Bloc Egypt” account considering its content and updates. Aside from its violence direct incitement and lessons on how to make Molotov cocktails, I do not understand what kind of underground vigilante group is this that tells the whole world that it will attack the Presidential Palace during the protests jeopardizing the life of the protesters and their lives !!
Strangely I do not remember following this particular account , it appeared suddenly on my timeline which means that I used to follow it before but under different name. Now dear friends on twitter confirmed this information too and some believe that this used to be the account of “@rrCoalition”.
That “rrCoalition” account claimed to be the official account of the Revolution Youth Coalition posting false rumors and information in the past like for instance claiming that the Ultras groups have stormed Maspero and demanding the protesters to go to the streets in order to support them. That  account does not exist anymore as it has become “@bbbEgypt”. The first time “@rrCoalition” mentioned the term “Black Masked  brigades” was on January 25th ,2013 before it would become “@bbbEgypt”
Replies @rrcoalition
Check the replies , it was directed to “@rrCoalition” , this was the beginning

 Now as I curious person ,  I used some twitter analytic services to check the history of “@BBBEgypt” and “rrCoalition”. Interestingly the account was made on February 9,2011. 
This is according to Twirth and Twitonomy
I do not know if you will be to see the Twitonomy’s bbbEgypt’s profile page or not but it is detailed with a complete archive of the tweets. 
Zoom to see when @bbbegypt joined twitter
Here is the Twirth’s “rrcoalition ” Profile.
Zoom in to see when @rrcoalition joined twitter
Now as I proved that the two accounts were one , I must ask :  Who operates that the account and what does he want with all these lies and incitement he or they causing !!?
You must know innocent young men and even underage minors are being arrested and accused of being members of that new enemy of the state with no proof what so ever except wearing black according to those who report them !! Some of these young men were subject torture for God sake !!
Please be careful in the information you read or share online nowadays.


  1. The Black Bloc, like the Arab Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood, is run by the CIA and its friends.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Not just CIA. There is terror-committee consists of:

      CIA - USA, Mosad - Israel, Hezbullah - Lebanon, Hamas - occupied palestine, Iran, Qatar and King Vega.

      They have weekly meeting with one point in the agenda: Lets screw-up any country which we don't like!

    2. That'd be pretty cool if it was true, Yousf... only problem with your theory is the US could cut diplomatic relations with Egypt, impose a travel ban, impose unilateral sanctions, say mean things in the UN, and etc... and Egypt would be toast for the foreseeable future. That's all justified in my opinion, so if the US wants Egypt messed up then why hasn't it been done?

  2. I can sum it all in one line.

    Egypt is in chaos and there is no solution in the horizon.


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