Friday, February 1, 2013

#Feb1 : Deliverance, protests and anniversaries !!

And today is another Friday in Egypt which means a big day for protests and may be clashes in Cairo and in other governorates. Today protests are called the Friday of Deliverance. The demands of this Friday ranges from ousting President Morsi to bringing down the Muslim brotherhood to bringing down the constitution.

Today also is the first anniversary of the horrifying Port Said stadium massacre where 74 young men were killed in the clashes that took in the coastal city’s stadium in the infamous football game. I think you know that we are paying the implications of that game. Over 50 have been killed in Port Said the past week following the famous trial in Cairo. There will be mass protests today in Port Said from Mariam mosque. 

Right after the Friday prayers which will finish soon several rallies in Cairo and Giza will head to both Tahrir square and to the Presidential Palace.

There will be also protests in Alexandria, Fayoum, Luxor, Suez, Ismailia, North Sinai, Kafr El Sheikh, El Mahla, Aswan, Qenna, El Miniya, Tanta, Sharkia, Damnhur and Al Mansoura.

I fear from violent clashes.

Today I will cover protests from the street but rather from my desk so wait for a live blogging session insh Allah. You can follow the coverage after the break.


  1. Epic report! Thank you for all the work you put into this, Z.

  2. "protesters attacked the palace allegedly. They began to throw the Molotov first on the Palace. Some protesters claim that it started when republican guards pushed some girl on the ground".

    That is so terrible the nasty MB islamic fanatics. They must have pushed the girl (to) the ground because they are misogynist wife beaters. I think the response is clearly so so justified. It was lucky they had molotov cocktails in their jackets to allow them to throw buring petrol on policemen "in defence".

    But it is ok beacsue baradei says "violence & chaos will continue until Morsi & co. listen 2 ppl's demands. So that must be an acceptable form of political activism because he is a good guy!

    1. latifa, we get that you like to suck muslim brotherhood dick. We know you enjoy it so just fuck off for a bit you whore.

      Zeinobia, sooner or later you will come around that "selmeya" isn't and hasn't changed anything. If you think Mubarak left because of your "revolution" then you are retarded.

      Enjoy your country falling apart :)

    2. In Zeinobia's defense, can you name some Egyptians who are not retarded?

  3. "They put him in one armoured truck, then dragged him out, still naked, beat him again and took him away in another armoured vehicles."

    If he was a gang-rapist, I'm totally OK with that. In fact, I'd say he deserves a lot worse. Really, a LOT worse. But your friend Bel says he was a simple Kiosk owner, just trying to make a living. Right?

  4. "I do not know but if he were a terrorist , he did not deserve to be treated like that."

    That's just silly.

    "The revolution of January was originally against Police brutality for God sake."

    Did it? And all the public gang raping done in celebration was what, exactly?

    Doesn't really matter to you in the slightest how wrong you've been in the past or how wrong you are now, does it? You just keep pouring gasoline on the fire.

  5. whose fault it is all the people died at the game and these last few days? its really senseless egyptians killing each other when they dont even understand what democracy is. people attacked the palace and were warned. i watched it live on the news people throwing fire bombs trying to destroy everything

  6. Yosri Fouda from London tweeted the following : Stripping an Egyptian citizen and dragging him are an unforgivable insult regardless of the reasons.

    Is he trying to be funny? Egyptian citizens treat tourists worse than that all the damn time, and yet they cry like little girls if the tourists stop coming. Entitled much?

    Speaking of which, why is tourism to Egypt only down 50%? What the hell is wrong with the other 50%? No internet and no television? And no friends? And can't read a newspaper?


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