Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Historical moment in wrong time !!!

And President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has become the first Iranian President to visit Cairo since the revolution in Iran from more than 30 years.
Here is the reception of the Iranian President in Cairo airport.

It is a historical moment but not the perfect one. It is not the correct image in my mind for this important meeting between the heads of those two important countries in the Middle East not to mention these are not the correct image for the "heads" of these states !!

The two presidents at Cairo airport "Egyptian presidency"
Unlike the Muslim brotherhood and their supporters who are suddenly open to dialogue with Iran , the Salafists are somehow in shock. The Salafist call criticized the visits and even put conditions that actually constraints on the visit of the distinguish visit. 
The Iranian president has met the Sheikh of Al Azhar and the grand Mufti. 
You must know that Ahmadinejad is visiting Egypt as a the head of member state in OIC. In case you do not know we are having an OIC summit in Egypt.


  1. In my opinion the purpose of this meeting, from Morsi's stand point of view, is to show to the West: If you do not support us, we can find a new partners.

    Imagine if US had withdrawn the official-bribery to the Egyptian army, and not send the F-16's to Egypt army last week? The pundits would be in flames to shout that Egypt is about to side with Iran.

    It's wise move from Morsi. If the opinion polls tell anything Arabs don't see Iran as a threat, but US and Israel are perceived as one. From Egypt's domestic stand point of view it would be easier for them to ally with Iran than US/Israel.

  2. Dear Zeinobia, did you notice they were playing the trumpets from Aida????

  3. "Muslim brotherhood and their supporters who are suddenly open to dialogue with Iran"!!!

    suddenly?!! have you read any statements from Ikhwan before Syria crisis?
    By the way, ikhwan didn't like the visit much. They just accepted it.

  4. The meeting of two unpopular 'leaders' from two bankrupt countries with poor and dissatisfied people begets zero!


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