Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arresting Qaddaf El Dam , a big noise like his late cousin

Early Tuesday the Egyptian police arrested by the orders of the INTERPOL 3 top wanted Ex-Qaddafi regime’s officials above them Ahmed Qaddaf El Dam , the top Qaddafi’s aide and his cousin in a very big scene in Zamalek area.
The other two arrested along Qaddaf El Dam are former Libyan ambassador in Cairo Ali Maria and Mohamed Ibrahim , the brother Moussa Ibrahim, the former minister of information.
Just like his cousin, Qaddaf El Dam did not give up except with a fight in a big scene. It turned out that his guards opened their fire at the police force that came for his arrest injuring a police officer in the quiet clam upper Class Zamalek neighborhood in early morning. Reporters claim that when the police force stormed his residence he claimed that he believed the police force were actually Libyan rebels searching for him !!
In that time it seems that Qaddaf El Dam spoke with Jihan Mansour on Dream TV in her morning TV show.  He said that he was not a terrorist to be treated like that.
The latest Interview with Qaddaf El Dam on TV through phone
After that he surrendered himself to the Egyptian authorities and went to the International Cooperation Office at the Prosecution office in a big scene waving to the people while in custody like his late cousin !!
Saluting the people after Arrest !! "AP"
The international cooperation office follows the Prosecutor General office and from what I understand is like the link between the INTERPOL and the Prosecutor General office.
Now there is a debate both in Egypt and Libya about whether Egypt should extradite that eccentric guy or not and whether he gave up his Libyan passport or not. Some human rights activists in Egypt like Hafez Abu Saeda believes that as an Egyptian he should not be extradited to Libya .
The chairman of the Egyptian organization for human rights believes that the wanted Libyan ex-officials should not extradited in general except if there is a guarantee for a fair trial with no random killing and tribal vengeance. 
Abu Saeda raised the matter of Qaddaf El Dam’s Egyptian nationality and the Libyans are speaking in their TV channels that the man gave his Libyan passport. Now there is implication also raised by Abu Saeda . According to the extradition agreement between Arab states in 1952 Arab citizens are not extradited and face trials in their own countries. “If I understand correctly”
Despite millions of Egyptians faced and are facing trials all over the Arab world , it is worth to mention that Hisham Talaat Mostafa was not extradited to  UAE and had a trial in Egypt.
Qaddaf is already half Egyptian half Libyan. Born in 1952 for Egyptian mother and Libyan father in Matrouh and it seems that he got an Egyptian citizenship even before Egyptian mothers’ children are granted the citizenship.
Well personally I believe you will find many sympathizers from the media with Qaddaf El Dam as the man supported several newspapers and journalists.He also owned a TV channel in Egypt. Already the man is believed to have estimated US $ 10 billion investments in Egypt.
Nevertheless of the charges he is facing in Libya , this man is facing charges of possessing illegal arms and resisting police forces. He is detained pending investigation for 30 days in Egypt. He is facing corruption charges in Libya and Egyptian INTERPOL is waiting to study his file from Libya.
Now regarding that sudden change in Egypt’s position towards the Libyan wanted officials. Well there are two theories and both are speaking about pressure and deals.
The first one I hinted to earlier is related to the crisis between Libya and Egypt regarding these wanted ex-officials. The theory says that Egypt is trading those three “and may be more” for the Egyptian detainees in Egypt from illegal workers and Egyptian Christians accused of spreading Christianity.
It is worth to mention that there was a meeting between the Pope of Coptic Church and the Libyan ambassador to discuss the fate of those Egyptian detainees. Already now the Prosecutor General assistant is in Libya to discuss the fate of those detainees.  
The second theory says that MB strongman Khairat El Shater reached to deal with the Libyan government by which Libya would pay $ 3 billion to get those men.
I believe the first theory more than the second or to be honest there could be a deal between Egypt and Libya to hand over these men and keep some of their assets as well to release our detainees.
I think  we will know soon if the Egyptian Libya relations improve in the future and out detainees are released.

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