Saturday, March 30, 2013

#FreeMahienour : Returning to the old bad days "Updated"

Updated : 
Mahienour and her comrades have been released without a bail in Alexandria. :)
Yesterday clashes erupted in Alexandria between protesters and security forces. As usual some of the protesters have been arrested and among them the famous Alexandrian activist Mahienour El Masry.
Mahienour El Masry is from the most famous women activists in Egypt. She is not media type activist but rather street type activist helping people since the days of Mubarak. Mahienour used to protest defending the rights of Islamists and Muslim brotherhood. she was there stand in early January 2011 defending the rights of Siyad Belal when the famous Sheikhs of Salafism were too cowards to disobey the orders of state security.
Here is Mahienour speaking as one of the Egyptian revolution’s women. It is translated video by the way.

I was happy to meet Mahienour in person last year.
Mahienour is accused of inciting violence and setting the MB HQ on fire despite she is totally against the use of setting HQs on fire.
Human rights activist Hossam Bahgat revealed that Mahienour was receiving threats from Alexandria’s head of police investigation department in Alexandria warning her if she does not stop her political activity , she would be arrested.
There is a huge campaign again protesters and activists to the level that you can not keep it up. It is so depressing as if we are returning to the old Mubarak’s days.
It is really depressing.


  1. Thank you Zeinobia and what a wonderful young lady and i do have more hope for Egypt and its people when I see the likes of Maheinour and her courage in the face of a fascist system

    She for sure have all our support and it is more evidence that Egypt is now split between those enlightened like her and those that belong to the fascist el-ikhwan

  2. It's sort of a testament to how far the power of the 'revolutionary' groups has fallen that getting people like Mahienour and Alaa released on bail is their 'victory'. Being released on bail isn't the same thing as being acquitted, it means that you are let out while the trial is going on. If getting your leaders out on bail is your big victory, you are back in the Mubarak era.

    And @Anon I like how you blame the MB for the fact that the viciously anti-MB government arrested somebody. You do know who the MB are right? They are the guy that didn't throw people like her in prison. But hey, if you think shooting anyone who prays 5 times a day is the way to move the country forward, far be it from me to stand between you and your crazy place.


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