Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Who wants to Cut the cables !??

Today is another slow day for internet in Egypt. Telecom Egypt announced that once again the Alexandria internet sea cable "SEA-ME-WE-Wa" in the Mediternean was damaged and it will be fixed with no hours. This is the second time it happens in less than one week. The first time was last Friday if you remember.
Now we got Col. Ahmed Ali announcing on his official FB page that the Egyptian Navy forces arrested 3 divers while they were cutting the internet sea cable near El Shataby beach !!!
Col. Ali did not say who those divers suspected "The correct term" of damaging the cable were and why they were doing this.
It is worth to mention that this announcement comes after some telecommunication officials announced that they believed there was something criminal behind the damage in the internet cable. I think they got a hint
Of course you see this post after long time in browsing and attempting to collect links and so on..
Hopefully we will know soon who those three are and know their true story.

Update :

More details emerged about the three suspects :
Samir Omar from Sky News Arabia :
East Alexandria prosecution with those standing behind the damage of internet cables in Alexandria and it turned out to be 3 fishermen who dive to search for old ships Junk


  1. I hope these guys aren't prosecuted. I think that their heart is in the right place. They are trying to prevent this
    Who can blame them?

  2. This comment is unacceptable. It is Antisemitism. Criticism of the policies of the State of Israel is one thing, the racist demonisation of an entire people is quite another. Shame on you.

    1. Anti semitism my foot !
      For 60 years they tried to silence the truth. Extorted as much as they could from Germany and all of us!
      Now the world is waking up yet again to the Jewish myths.
      The liars and corruptors.
      God save us all from the Jews who God himself eventually had to give up hope on.

      Especially TODAY of all days. Good Friday! the day they crucified the messiah and nailed him to a cross on this very day.

    2. That is absolutely Antisemitism.You just defined it. Were you born a fool or have you been practicing?

    3. Anonymous said......."Especially TODAY of all days. Good Friday! the day they crucified the messiah and nailed him to a cross on this very day.on said"
      Please re-read your history books because Jesus (a Jewish Rabbi) was killed by the Roman occupiers of Palestine and not by the Jews as the Catholic church (originally Romans)claims.
      The Christian.


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