Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And here are the bad Iranians who are spreading Shiism in #Egypt !!!

And here is an Iranian woman from the first Iranian tourist group in Egypt spreading Shiism in Luxor by Al Masry Al Youm camera !!

What you know they are humans like us !! 


  1. lol go read a book or something.

  2. Very very beutiful & graceful ladies from Iran, you have shown in these pics. Iranians are really handsome /beutiful lot.

  3. Sad, Egypt used to be one of the most tolerant countries in the world. Now we practice an ugly racial , religious, political and gender prejudice towards every one. Nasty comments towards Arabs, Asians, wenteners are norms and taken for granted. What happened to us?

  4. Looks like these Iranians want to escape from their oppressive thoecratic Government of Shia mullahs in Iran so as to let their hair down in Egypt. It is obvious that these type of tourists pose no security threat, but the Government should be careful about the religious and poor Iranian tourists. Those are the ones most likely to be beholden to the Ayatollean regime.

  5. Shiites are not true Muslims and their outrageous slanders against Aisha bint Abu Bakr must never be forgiven.

    1. are you irked no narrow muslim stepped in to make the comment so you had to do so yourself Jason. What a prick you must be


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