Sunday, April 28, 2013

#Nile University and its legal victory : Lessons for Those Who Understand

In a legal triumph for Nile University “NU” and its students  last April 24th the high administrative court ordered the return of the land and the building allocated by the government to Zewail city for science and technology “ZCST” to Nile University. The High administrative court also ruled that the NU should be
Nile University "From NU Tales"
registered as a civil university.
I am so so so happy for this legal triumph because it reminds us that people give up their rights. The NU students, the researchers and professors gave us an example of not losing hope and fighting back the system and the regime peacefully till the end. It is a lesson for those who understand.
Since March 2011 and the return of Ahmed Zewail and the regime whether SCAF and then Mohamed Morsi administration were in the side of the famous Nobel awarded scientist with no respect to NU or its legal rights.Yet they did not lose hope and they did not give up their fight and it is enough what happened with them in the time of the elected president last September 2012.
I am waiting to know the reaction of Dr. Zewail and whether he will respect the court rule or not and whether he will leave Egypt forever as he hinted once if the land and buildings are taken from the city for science and technology or not. There is nothing yet on his twitter account.
Yet on the official FB of the ZCST we find the city’s administration stating in an official statement that despite ZCST respects the court’s rulings yet the study in the city will start on time next September 2013 !! The ZCST is depending on the law NO.161 for year 2012 issued by President Morsi to found the Zewail city for science and technology.
The ZCST is saying that the state is going to waste LE 300 Million in emptying the buildings of the city !! Well last time I check ,Zewail and his city took over the buildings of the NU Campus in October city with what is in it.
From their side the NU students union after the court ruling issued a statement asking the state authorities to implement that the ruling officially. Till this moment the government did not hand over the buildings and the land to the Nile University.
Anyhow Egypt is too big to have two , three and four Nile Universities and Zewail city for technology and science. I wish that both the State and Dr. Zewail himself think of transferring the Zewail city for science and technology to a place outside the Grand Cairo area. I wish Dr. Zewail thinks like Sir Magdi Yacoub and Dr. Mohamed Ghonim. Sir Magdi Yacoub got his heart diseases center in Aswan while Dr. Ghonim got his kidneys diseases center in Mansoura.
I hope next time I write about the Nile University , it will be a post from the campus insh Allah Smile


  1. Dr. Zuwail is getting to be a very polarizing person. On one hand I have a lot of respect for him as a scientist, yet his position regarding taking over an established university raises a serious questions about his morals and ethics. I wonder if those who support him will feel the same way if he takes over Cairo or Alzhar University? or you are only a thief if you steel something small?

    1. well said

      His credibility and ethics leave a lot to be questioned

  2. NU administration should get the executive statement "se3'a tanfezeya" from the court. After getting it they can ask police to empty the land for them.

  3. Sinai would be a great place to place it. It would help populate Sinai for our protection from Israelis. It would help bring services to bedouin. It would hopefully escalate need for train system into Sinai and increase tourism BUT not in Sharm should this university be placed. It should be in somewhere like Ras Sidr that is already developed but just needs a boost. Sharm has everything and it's time other parts of Sinai were concentrated on.

  4. Zewail City has responded to the judgment in Arabic on the Facebook page and a couple of people have left comments.

    The judgment shows perfectly why Egypt will never amount to anything. Zewail City is the only world-class research institution in Egypt. Nile University is an irrelevant shithole ranked a hilarious 6858th in the world in 2012. It's garbage even by Egyptian standards. Congratulations, Egypt!

  5. thanks for share..


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